As IV vitamin therapy gets more and more popular in mainstream medicine, there are a number of misconceptions that are important to know about before pursuing this kind of treatment. Knowledge and awareness are always important when it comes to health and well-being.

1. IV vitamin therapy is only for very sick people.

While high-dose vitamin C infusions are known to be beneficial as an adjunct for cancer patients, many people have pursued IV vitamin therapy for other conditions when conventional medicine has failed them. However, you don’t have to be seriously ill to benefit from this kind of treatment.

Colds, allergies, exhaustion, muscle recovery, stress, and other lower-grade complaints respond very well to vitamin infusions. People often work very hard and burn the candle at both ends, so correcting imbalances before deficiencies set in will ensure a happier body.

2. Vitamin dosage does not need monitoring.

Sometimes people think that just because something is called a vitamin, it can’t hurt you. Well, as the old adage goes, you can get too much of a good thing. When dealing with soluble vitamins, like B-vitamins, it’s not as big of a concern because you’ll urinate out what your body doesn’t need (do realize this still puts an extra load on your body; specifically, your liver and kidneys).

But with other vitamins and minerals, over-dosing can cause toxicity and damage to your body. This is why safety comes first when dealing with high-dose IV vitamin therapy. It’s important to make sure that the proper screening is done.

3. Vitamins and nutraceuticals are not a primary treatment option.

More and more studies are linking different diseases to vitamin deficiencies. Many of these diseases are commonly treated by possibly dangerous medications, when a correction of the actual deficiency has the ability to change the illness at its core. Now that’s medicine!

4. Diseases do not respond to this kind of treatment.

Besides the documented positive responses of cancer to high-dose vitamin C therapy, patients with a full range of disorders, from the common cold to emphysema, have been successfully cured or gotten relief using customized IV nutrient protocols.

Many medical practitioners are stuck in out-of-date models. It’s best to find a physician who is open to a full range of therapies and treatments, but not to the exclusion of the other. You never know who or what could help you recover your health.

5. IV vitamin therapy is not proven to work.

Vitamins play an integral role in the function of our bodies. As functional medicine moves into the mainstream, so does the use of IV vitamin therapy as a first-line treatment protocol. Functional medicine is not some kind of alternative way of practicing, but rather, it looks at the cause of things, rather than the symptoms.

Very often, nutraceutical deficiencies that have been left unchecked for long periods of time are the cause of acute and chronic illnesses. In these cases, IV vitamin therapy will get your body rebalanced as quickly and efficiently as possible. Take advantage of these amazing treatments, and give your body the fuel it needs to function optimally. 

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