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Agustin TomasAgustin Tomas

wimauma florifa

Becky NewellBecky Newell

I absolutely love the Biostation! I could go on and on about everything this place has to offer. I feel customer service is by far the most important. So I'm going to give a shout out to everyone who helped me...Melissa, Kristen, Nadine and Tommy. Melissa was beyond Spectacular from the moment I met her to even holding my hand during my blood work. I'm deathly afraid of needles so she held my hand while Nadine drew my blood. I've never had such a great experience having my blood drawn if that is even possible. Kristen the doctor was absolutely amazing as well. She gave me her undivided attention. She is so knowledgeable and kind. Also a shout-out to Tommy who even made me a great coffee when I got out of my appointment. I have not received my results yet but I have more hope that they can help me feel like myself again. I love this place. I actually live in California and would suggest it's worth flying out there for the treatment I received

Danielle R.Danielle R.

What a great innovative way to look at healthcare! I went to The Biostation to learn ways in which I could live a more healthier lifestyle. I'll be honest,...

Joanna Guida FitzGeraldJoanna Guida FitzGerald

I highly recommend the Biostation. After having a baby I was very unbalanced and had cortisol stress levels through the roof. The Biostation helped me to re balance my self and I am feeling much better.

Jennifer Haley ZeislerJennifer Haley Zeisler

Every time I leave the Biostation I'm overly satisfied with my experience. The warm atmosphere and all the knowledge I've learned from the staff makes me happy and excited to return for more services. Xx

Aaron SchwartzAaron Schwartz

The Biostation is amazing !!! Dr. Bloom is great at his job and from what I gather by being one of his patients, is that he really cares about us and our health. Alan Siemens works with Dr. Bloom and he is the man I deal with the most. He's very professional and great at his job. He's always calling me and texting me (but not to were I am annoyed) to make sure I am doing well and that I am good or not with my prescriptions. I just have to say The Biostation and all of its staff is hands down the best professionals I have ever dealt with, I highly recommend ! GREAT service, GREAT staff, and GREAT prices !!!!

Sandra Ramirez CantoSandra Ramirez Canto

The team at The Biostation is first class. Great service, very knowledgable, and the products are as good as it gets. I would highly recommend The Biostation for anyone interested in improving their overall health

Kelly IsgetteKelly Isgette

Totally worth the drive today from Vero Beach. Everyone was super sweet and Dr. Bloom was beyond great. So nice, and thoroughly goes over everything with you. No rushing at all. Also the way he breaks it all down for you, was easy for me to understand! It all actually made sense for once! lol * SO big thank you to the staff downstairs, where I got a B12 cocktail before I left, and Kurt and the staff upstairs of course. You made my first experience at BioStation amazing. I'll be stopping back in very soon!

Crib CastroCrib Castro

My name is Crib, I am a nurse and I am getting my IV nutrient treatments at Biostation. It’s a very simple and painless procedure. I’m here because I enjoy good health and I am proactive at looking after my wellness and I find that the Immunity and Wellness IV makes my body feel good and gives me a boost of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Elizabeth FeltonElizabeth Felton

Had my lab review with Katie yesterday. Absolute doll! Made me feel very comfortable. Kudos to whoever does the hiring over there! The entire staff is warm and welcoming while maintaining an excellent level of professionalism. I look forward to following my treatment plan here.

Cristina MirraCristina Mirra

Loved everything about it!

Marilyn WeiningerMarilyn Weininger

I am so very pleased with Biostation. I feel like I have a team of dedicated professionals who are both my allies and my support system. I really feel like it is possible to get myself health again. I hope to see more branches popping up

Tom LeemanTom Leeman

Go get a B12 shot! Energize your life. Biostation is awesome highly recommend them. If you have a birthday check out their gift of $50 off at Birthdaycomp.

Michael DuBoisMichael DuBois

The team at The Biostation is first class. Great service, very knowledgable, and the products are as good as it gets. I would highly recommend The Biostation for anyone interested in improving their overall health, anti-aging, or hormone replacement therapy.

Cherie Adamo EuloCherie Adamo Eulo

Top notch facility!!! Great staff, super welcoming and extremely knowledgable. One stop for all your wellness needs. I highly recommend seeing Kurt Zeisler!

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