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Ron FrippRon Fripp

I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for a few years now going through many physicians who just couldn’t get me levels right. However, after I heard from a good friend of mine about the Biostation and the amazing results he has had I decided to look into them. I was very surprised that everything they did was based around my profile, blood work, BUDGET, and required medical needs. The incredibly knowledgeable staff was great to work with and it was a pleasure to finally have someone get it RIGHT! While all the staff is wonderful Joe my account manager has gone above and beyond to ensure I always received my medications on time even if he has to ship them himself due to my career being overseas and my travel schedule extremely hectic. Relax and take a deep breath because you have come to the right place for results and excellent customer service. Thank you Biostation!

Natasha SimonsNatasha Simons

Feeling so refreshed it's worth every penny thank you biostation !

Shaun HarringtonShaun Harrington

Friendly, responsive staff, very knowledgeable. Looking forward to my scheduled consultation on Saturday and pleased to find out that insurance covers some of the costs of the blood panel.

Kayla ZeislerKayla Zeisler

Had such a great experience! Everyone was super knowledgable and friendly. I felt that they really cared about me and my health.

Karen M. GarciaKaren M. Garcia

The service is outstanding. The staff is very friendly and professional. My favorite team is JLo and Katie. They work great together and incredibly accommodating. JLo is always available to answer any questions about any treatment even after hours or his day off. To be honest, they complement each other and they are the reason I continue visiting the Biostation in Delray. Love both of them. Keep the good work!

Rafael SallesRafael Salles

I absolutely recommend the biostation. I had my blood tested and a great consultation with Dr. Bloom. Staff and doctors are really the best. Thank you the biostation! Looking forward to start my treatment.

Danielle RaybuckDanielle Raybuck

What a great innovative way to look at healthcare! I went to The Biostation to learn ways in which I could live a more healthier lifestyle. I'll be honest, at first the IV therapy thing reminded me of the hangover doctors in Las Vegas, but I soon learned it was a completely different mindset. Instead of feeling terrible and needing an IV, The Biostation uses IV therapy to keep you well balanced and always feeling well! Tell that to my martini! I still wished they would offer a hangover IV I sure could use them from time-to-time!

My first impression, was that the building was very yellow, there was plenty of parking, there's some salt therapy place next door (go in and take a look mighty interesting stuff), and it's right by an Orange Theory Fitness....how convenient. The office is uber modern and decorated very nicely with blues, silvers, and purples, very high-end, very relaxing & calming, and very inviting.

I set up an appointment early in the am after a good 10 to12 hour fast. Walked into the office, rather early in the morning, and was greeted by Kasey who was the man responsible for drawing my precious blood. Now, I do have a fear of needles and blood for that matter, no nurse material here. I've even been known to faint in doctor's offices before, I let Kasey know all this and he made sure he kept me talking.

Turns out him and I went to college together (Go Gators) and had a lot of mutual friends. I think he just kept talking to me so I wouldn't think too much about the fact that I was bleeding (not to death but I would say maybe) and there were needles involved! Man oh man, did he take a lot of blood...I've never seen that much blood come out of me... eeeks....this was no normal LabCorps blood workup here, this is serious stuff. After my initial consult with Dr. Bloom I soon realized why they took so much blood.

After you have your blood drawn, you have to wait for the blood workup to come back, when they get the report back your "patient advocate" will give you a call and set up an appt to speak to Dr. Bloom. I would highly suggest you leave a good amount of time for this. The Dr. is extremely thorough and goes through every hormone in your body, what it does, what it's responsible for, why you have too much, why you have too little etc. Asks you a lot of questions about your diet, exercise, what else is going on in your life., etc. What are ways in which we can increase this or decrease it depending on the optimal level.

He also does an exemplary job of learning about your family history (drinkers and heart attacks here-I'm sure you all are shocked) and how that may play a role in what's going on. After about a good hour with Dr. Bloom I felt like I had a crash course in AP medicine, take me to Jeopardy I'm ready to play! He prescribed some therapies for me that did require a RX; however, they have a partnership with a company that will send them to your house. Additionally, he advised me on some regular old vitamins that I should be taking to help supplement my, um..."diet", red wine is dinner, no?

I've been back a couple of times, am indeed feeling better, and really enjoyed my learning experience here. They also now offer a wide variety of services from facials to hormone replacement therapy.

Cristy Anne BelmerCristy Anne Belmer

I had my blood drawn yesterday morning, and I am currently waiting to see the doctor next week.
Mara Hoine was the one who booked my appointment, and walked me through the entire process. She was very informative and kind. I was possibly going to hold off, and just go off the labs my GP took. Mara explained the importance of knowing exactly what is going on inside my body, and she stressed the importance of having my hormones checked, and getting down to the root cause. Which makes perfect sense because I am not feeling my best right now. I would recommend the biostation to everyone, and have them speak with Mara. She was patient, kind and very knowledgeable. The biostation is where it’s at! Everyone needs to go! 561-713-1199.

Justin AndersonJustin Anderson

Love this place. Friendliest staff you could ever ask for. Definitely try the bImmune IV therapy. Amazing.

Hillary SHillary S

I have been to both the Delray Beach and Miami location and they are state-of-the-art. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. Both locations are easy to access and offer parking that's very close. Highly recommend.

Sandra Ramirez CantoSandra Ramirez Canto

The team at The Biostation is first class. Great service, very knowledgable, and the products are as good as it gets. I would highly recommend The Biostation for anyone interested in improving their overall health

Kelly IsgetteKelly Isgette

Totally worth the drive today from Vero Beach. Everyone was super sweet and Dr. Bloom was beyond great. So nice, and thoroughly goes over everything with you. No rushing at all. Also the way he breaks it all down for you, was easy for me to understand! It all actually made sense for once! lol * SO big thank you to the staff downstairs, where I got a B12 cocktail before I left, and Kurt and the staff upstairs of course. You made my first experience at BioStation amazing. I'll be stopping back in very soon!

Brad CirincionBrad Cirincion

All around fantastic highly recommended
Be the best version of yourself **

Becky RobertsBecky Roberts

Biostation changed my life. I interviewed Dr. Lacayo on the BeckyinBoca Show a few months ago. Shortly after the interview I became a Biostation patient. Dr. Lacayo ran an extensive blood panel on me and prescribed treatments to bring my levels up to where they needed to be. For the first two months I noticed no change. Then BAM! Everything changed. I had more energy in the gym, built more lean muscle, lost weight and just started feeling great!

Cristina MirraCristina Mirra

Loved everything about it!

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