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Joanna Guida FitzGeraldJoanna Guida FitzGerald

I highly recommend the Biostation. After having a baby I was very unbalanced and had cortisol stress levels through the roof. The Biostation helped me to re balance my self and I am feeling much better.

Amanda AlvesAmanda Alves

very nice people the vitamin d which I need is refreshing

Natasha SimonsNatasha Simons

Feeling so refreshed it's worth every penny thank you biostation !

Sabrina A. ProulxSabrina A. Proulx

The biostation is wonderful and very helpful to so many different issues. Shauna is a very happy, helpful, talented person at what she does.

Anthony CarreiroAnthony Carreiro

Was referred here by a friend and have had a great experience so far. All the staff is very polite, attentive, and knowledgeable. Giuliana and Nina were willing to take the time to go over everything with me and answer all my questions in depth. 5 starts all the way. I Highly recommend this place

Brian FullerBrian Fuller

This is my first visit here and It couldn't have gone better. The staff sent me all the required documents ahead of time and I was able to fill them out more completely in the comfort of my home. I arrived early and they let me right in. The front desk staff greeted me very well. I began my appointment ahead of the scheduled time (who does that?) and felt like a VIP the entire time. Check out was a breeze because they had already filed my information. I highly recommend the biostation.

Becky NewellBecky Newell

I absolutely love the Biostation! I could go on and on about everything this place has to offer. I feel customer service is by far the most important. So I'm going to give a shout out to everyone who helped me...Melissa, Kristen, Nadine and Tommy. Melissa was beyond Spectacular from the moment I met her to even holding my hand during my blood work. I'm deathly afraid of needles so she held my hand while Nadine drew my blood. I've never had such a great experience having my blood drawn if that is even possible. Kristen the doctor was absolutely amazing as well. She gave me her undivided attention. She is so knowledgeable and kind. Also a shout-out to Tommy who even made me a great coffee when I got out of my appointment. I have not received my results yet but I have more hope that they can help me feel like myself again. I love this place. I actually live in California and would suggest it's worth flying out there for the treatment I received

Debra LevinDebra Levin

I love the IV's I've been taking, has been a huge boost, and the staff is very pleasant! Love this place!

Clarita ZeppieClarita Zeppie

Great for skin treatments. The staff is amazing. I have yet to encounter anyone who is not professional and helpful.

Becky RobertsBecky Roberts

Biostation changed my life. I interviewed Dr. Lacayo on the BeckyinBoca Show a few months ago. Shortly after the interview I became a Biostation patient. Dr. Lacayo ran an extensive blood panel on me and prescribed treatments to bring my levels up to where they needed to be. For the first two months I noticed no change. Then BAM! Everything changed. I had more energy in the gym, built more lean muscle, lost weight and just started feeling great!

alicia allenalicia allen

From the beginning of my experience to present, it has been nothing but top notch. The tests, the information, the consult and the follow up. My patient advocate Nina was professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk with. I definitely recommend!

Abby Phillips DelaneyAbby Phillips Delaney

Amazing amazing staff!! PROFESSIONAL!!!

Cristy Anne BelmerCristy Anne Belmer

I had my blood drawn yesterday morning, and I am currently waiting to see the doctor next week.
Mara Hoine was the one who booked my appointment, and walked me through the entire process. She was very informative and kind. I was possibly going to hold off, and just go off the labs my GP took. Mara explained the importance of knowing exactly what is going on inside my body, and she stressed the importance of having my hormones checked, and getting down to the root cause. Which makes perfect sense because I am not feeling my best right now. I would recommend the biostation to everyone, and have them speak with Mara. She was patient, kind and very knowledgeable. The biostation is where it’s at! Everyone needs to go! 561-713-1199.

Mark DavidMark David

The excellent care and service I get from Dr Bloom and Sam have been top notch. And the results speak for themselves. I will continue to refer friends and family to them

Chris AthansChris Athans

Great people with excellent service. The Biostation definitely wants you to be at your optimal level! Dr. Bloom and Alan Siemens are the best! I always feel great using thier products!

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