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Shaun HarringtonShaun Harrington

Friendly, responsive staff, very knowledgeable. Looking forward to my scheduled consultation on Saturday and pleased to find out that insurance covers some of the costs of the blood panel.

Adam ScheerAdam Scheer

I've had a positive experience thus far with Biostation, including their in-house nutrient-rich IV therapies. Working with Joey Myers - Patient Advocate - has been a pleasure. He's super responsive and well versed on the subject matter.

David NiknafsDavid Niknafs

I've had such a wonderful experience at The Biostation. The staff is what makes this place a 5 star facility. From their medical director Dr. Bloom, to their patient care manager Alan, the staff is so accommodating to my needs and care. I've become a "Bio-Stationer" for life. Thank you for making me feel my best!

Karen M. GarciaKaren M. Garcia

The service is outstanding. The staff is very friendly and professional. My favorite team is JLo and Katie. They work great together and incredibly accommodating. JLo is always available to answer any questions about any treatment even after hours or his day off. To be honest, they complement each other and they are the reason I continue visiting the Biostation in Delray. Love both of them. Keep the good work!

Stacy MyersStacy Myers

Always a pleasure going to the Biostation. They take a unique approach to dealing with your health concerns.. Much more than just a "doctor visit." The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for a simple check up to more advanced care.

Jessica L.Jessica L.

Love this place. I usually come in for iv nutrient therapy, and always feel so much better throughout the week after my treatments.

Jennifer L. YundJennifer L. Yund

This is the most amazing, cutting edge place in South Florida for your health, wellness, and beauty needs. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Lee FreudLee Freud

I highly recommend the biostation. They help keep me feeling great and that can get tougher as we get older. They will do your bloodwork and the Dr will put together your customized Bio ID and then will discuss the findings and reccomendations with you. Tgey slso have very convenient hours.

Alan Ross is a great patient advocate, easy to talk to and easy to get when you have questions. I recommend you give them a try.

Joanna Guida FitzGeraldJoanna Guida FitzGerald

I highly recommend the Biostation. After having a baby I was very unbalanced and had cortisol stress levels through the roof. The Biostation helped me to re balance my self and I am feeling much better.

Chris AthansChris Athans

Great people with excellent service. The Biostation definitely wants you to be at your optimal level! Dr. Bloom and Alan Siemens are the best! I always feel great using thier products!

Ron FrippRon Fripp

I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for a few years now going through many physicians who just couldn’t get me levels right. However, after I heard from a good friend of mine about the Biostation and the amazing results he has had I decided to look into them. I was very surprised that everything they did was based around my profile, blood work, BUDGET, and required medical needs. The incredibly knowledgeable staff was great to work with and it was a pleasure to finally have someone get it RIGHT! While all the staff is wonderful Joe my account manager has gone above and beyond to ensure I always received my medications on time even if he has to ship them himself due to my career being overseas and my travel schedule extremely hectic. Relax and take a deep breath because you have come to the right place for results and excellent customer service. Thank you Biostation!

Sally JacksonSally Jackson

love this place❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Marilyn WeiningerMarilyn Weininger

I am so very pleased with Biostation. I feel like I have a team of dedicated professionals who are both my allies and my support system. I really feel like it is possible to get myself health again. I hope to see more branches popping up

Arlenia Mendoza RodriguezArlenia Mendoza Rodriguez

Absolutely love it!
Doctors & staff are all very pleasant.

Shauna is amazing!
When I call, her costumer is impeccable! She response immediately to all my questions.
She definitely is a great asset to the team.

Tanya MaquezTanya Maquez

I have been going to the biostation for the past year for (HRT) . It's been a long journey, but I'm feeling great, stronger , I look younger. Thank you Kate for always taking the extra time & patience ❤️

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