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Jessica McCarrick-RamoyJessica McCarrick-Ramoy
Christina MorrisonChristina Morrison

Always a GREAT experience at BioStation...very knowledgeable staff and great products!

Kalyn O'SheaKalyn O'Shea

Great staff and clean environment. Glad to see the hours are now Monday-Sunday!

Cathy Canavan BrewerCathy Canavan Brewer

Awesome facility! Staff is always so nice and professional! They always go above and beyond to make sure your comfortable and taken care of. Always feel amazing when I leave there! I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Cristina MirraCristina Mirra

Loved everything about it!

Lee FreudLee Freud

I highly recommend the biostation. They help keep me feeling great and that can get tougher as we get older. They will do your bloodwork and the Dr will put together your customized Bio ID and then will discuss the findings and reccomendations with you. Tgey slso have very convenient hours.

Alan Ross is a great patient advocate, easy to talk to and easy to get when you have questions. I recommend you give them a try.

Adam ScheerAdam Scheer

I've had a positive experience thus far with Biostation, including their in-house nutrient-rich IV therapies. Working with Joey Myers - Patient Advocate - has been a pleasure. He's super responsive and well versed on the subject matter.

Hellen McQuainHellen McQuain
Rodney BrewerRodney Brewer

Amazing....Puts the others to Shame...!!!!

Danny ValentineDanny Valentine
Marla GuzmanMarla Guzman
Helene Rosenfeld MillerHelene Rosenfeld Miller
Mike TrainMike Train

Caring people. I didnt feel pushed to buy anything , yet they laid out a plan for me.

Donna HayesDonna Hayes

I went to Biostation in a desperate state. My hot flashes/night sweats had been brutal for 6 months, having 15-18 per 24 hours. My hot flashes/night sweats were/are very intense and are accompanied by running sweat, nausea and immediate agitation. I had tried the homeopathic/natural route with various supplements and suggestions. Nothing was working. I was afraid of regular hormones so I decided on Biostation. I must admit, up front they are very comforting and reassuring. At my first appointment (after the blood work appointment), I was encouraged and very hopeful. The doctor/PA told me that once I started by treatment, I would be feeling much better in 2-3 weeks. So I ordered $600 of hormone pills and creams, which was an 8 week supply. I was excited and looking forward to some much needed relief. I did everything as prescribed. At week 4, no change to really mention. I had a little more energy but I think that is because I was taking vitamin D (both Biostation's and an over-the-counter) & iron (otc). My blood work showed I was very low on both of these as well as very, very low in estrogen & progesterone. Any way, I called and spoke to a nurse, she told me I needed to give the treatment more time. So I did. Another almost 2 weeks and nothing. This time I sent an email stating that I was completely frustrated and wanted to cancel at future appointments and supplements. I received a phone call from Keith, who had zero sympathy and he told me that I was not being patient. I told him that I had been patient & that I was told that I would be feeling MUCH better in 2-3 weeks. He said that I should finish out the treatment & then take the saliva test. They could then make adjustments to my treatment. I told him that I had not been encouraged by the results so far, so why would I spend another $600 for treatment that showed no real results. He said I should see in through and give it time. At the conclusion of the conversation, I agreed to the saliva test (which I paid $125 for). However, I never did the test. There was no reason to and I was/am completely frustrated with them. I am now at week 8. Since starting the Biostation treatment I have had close to 900 hot flashes/night sweats. I keep track each time I have one. Absolutely useless. My total cost was about $1100 with very, very, very little change. They want me to spend more money for more treatments. Their first treatments were useless and the only advice I got was to be patient. I am done being patient. By the way, do your research on bioidentical hormones, which I should have done first. I was encouraged by their high Google reviews and did not do research first. Bioidenticals are not any safer. They say they are safer and do not have the "Black box" warnings that come with traditional hormones. The reason is because a compounding pharmacy, which they use, does not have to include the "black box" warnings little a regular pharmacy does. Any way, I am done. I am seeing a gynecologist with very high credentials and very excellent references. As far as Biostation goes, I would save my money. This is my personal experience. I highly do not recommend them.

Juliana de OliveiraJuliana de Oliveira

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