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MonikaandAllen ChristyMonikaandAllen Christy

I been coming to the Biostation for 9 months.
Absolutely amazing place very professional.
One stop for all your wellness needs .
Katie took her time going over everything in great detail with my blood work.
Thank you Dr.Bloom ,Katie,Joey, for your extra care & attention .

Rodney BrewerRodney Brewer

Amazing....Puts the others to Shame...!!!!

Jackie BeeJackie Bee
Victoria WeissVictoria Weiss
Joanna Guida FitzGeraldJoanna Guida FitzGerald

I highly recommend the Biostation. After having a baby I was very unbalanced and had cortisol stress levels through the roof. The Biostation helped me to re balance my self and I am feeling much better.

Juan M. GomezJuan M. Gomez
Brad MilhauserBrad Milhauser
Montana Ashley GlobermanMontana Ashley Globerman
Erica MarieErica Marie
Christina MorrisonChristina Morrison

Always a GREAT experience at BioStation...very knowledgeable staff and great products!

Becky Roberts-DavisBecky Roberts-Davis

Biostation changed my life. I interviewed Dr. Lacayo on the BeckyinBoca Show a few months ago. Shortly after the interview I became a Biostation patient. Dr. Lacayo ran an extensive blood panel on me and prescribed treatments to bring my levels up to where they needed to be. For the first two months I noticed no change. Then BAM! Everything changed. I had more energy in the gym, built more lean muscle, lost weight and just started feeling great!

Sean HennessySean Hennessy
Michael DuBoisMichael DuBois

The team at The Biostation is first class. Great service, very knowledgable, and the products are as good as it gets. I would highly recommend The Biostation for anyone interested in improving their overall health, anti-aging, or hormone replacement therapy.

Pepper KaplanPepper Kaplan
Pietros ManeosPietros Maneos

What struck me about the Biostation was not only the first rate service from Keith, Kurt, Dr. Bloom and the rest of the staff, but also just how beautifully designed the office is -- it is a space where one wants to spend extended time. Additonally, at 35, I feel as if I am 22 years old again from the therapy. I highly recommend it!

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