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We are dedicated to helping our patients take charge of their health and uncover the elements of a vibrant, youthful life. Our app represents the first step of our digital transformation, targeted at empowering you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

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  • Streamlined Communication: Say goodbye to endless phone tag and back-and-forth emails with your Patient Coordinator. Our app provides a direct and efficient chat system, allowing you to communicate with your medical team instantly, with no delays or hassle.
  • Manage Appointments: Our efficient interface is designed to simplify the process of scheduling and managing appointments. This allows you to focus on what truly matters - your health and wellness.
  • Timely Refills: Never worry about running out of medication again. With the biostation App, you can request refills with just a few taps, ensuring you always have the medication you need when you need it.
  • Transparent Treatment Reviews: Do you have specific areas you want to address or improvements you desire? the biostation App enables you to request treatment reviews directly from your medical team, ensuring your health goals are met effectively.
  • Clear Path to Wellness: Stay on top of your health journey with a clear schedule of upcoming refills and testing at your fingertips. No more guessing or confusion about what's next in your treatment plan.
  • Empowering Learning Center: Explore our comprehensive learning center within the app to discover the multitude of treatment options available to you. Whether it's weight loss, recovery, sleep improvement, or enhancing your overall well-being, the biostation App has you covered.


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the biostation app security features will help you keep your important health information secure. Thanks to the latest encryption technology and several optional security features, you will be better able to protect your important health information.

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