ThermiSmooth facial rejuvenation

revitalize skin with our non-invasive facial firming treatment.

non-invasive. no downtime. instant results.

ThermiSmooth Thermal Energy Facial Perfecting Therapy is a non-surgical and 100% non-invasive procedure that uses gentle radio frequency to tighten and perfect the skin. This highly effective rejuvenation treatment stimulates your body’s own collagen production with temperature controlled thermal energy delivered to the skin with an FDA-approved wand. As the wand gently and gradually heats the skin’s surface to the target temperature, it treats problem areas around the forehead, eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck and activates dermal remodeling. Patients report that the procedure is fast and painless with no downtime, and often refer to the sensation as similar to receiving a hot stone massage.

how the science of radio frequency works

Gentle heating using temperature controlled thermal energy (also known as radio frequency or RF) stimulates collagen remodeling and promotes three different kinds of effect on the dermis:

  • Immediate contraction of collagen
  • Immediate collagen remodeling and elasticity
  • Long term stimulation of production of new collagen

thermismooth thermal energy facial perfecting therapy benefits may include:

  • Gentle and non-invasive procedure
  • Quick precise and safe procedure with no downtime
  • Smoother, younger, more hydrated looking skin texture
  • Smoothed forehead
  • Reduced under eye bags
  • Firmer, more lifted eye lids
  • Reduced wrinkles around eyes
  • Reduced wrinkles in mouth area
  • Enhanced cheekbones
  • Smoothed neck lines

experience our breakthrough anti-aging solution powered by Thermi

The biostation has partnered with Thermi in order to bring our patients the most powerful and effective radio frequency therapy on the market. ThermiSmooth facial rejuvenation treatment can be fully customized to meet your needs. Schedule a consultation today, and our aesthetics specialist will meet with you to discuss your skin goals and create a personalized treatment plan designed to deliver results.