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the biostation offers fast and effective ways to replenish your health and revitalize your entire body. Our replenish life treatments can be performed exclusively, in combination, or fully customized to deliver the most effective results depending on your body's needs. These treatments can restore minerals, vitamins, and nutrients or detox and hydrate your body.

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benefits of our replenish life services

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • IV nutrients are delivered directly to your bloodstream
  • Replenish essential vitamins and minerals
  • Doctor-designed formulas
  • Personalized treatment plans based on your unique needs
  • IV therapy can help combat dehydration and nausea
  • Pharmaceutical grade supplements to help support your wellness program

the biostation supplements: doctor-designed and pharmaceutical-grade with zero fillers

the biostation line of powerful, essential vitamin supplements were specifically designed and refined by our doctors to enhance your health, fuel your fitness and deliver results. Some of our most popular and proven performers include vitamin D3, glutathione, CoQ10, Omega 3 fish oil, and Adrenal Caps. We insist on using only the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade nutrients to help you stay healthier, perform better, recover faster, and feel your very best. Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are over 99% in purity and contain no binders, fillers, excipients (substances used to dilute drugs), dyes, or unknown substances.

Pharmaceutical-grade vitamins are also formulated to yield a higher degree of bioavailability–the degree at which the vitamin is absorbed into the body’s system. This allows us to harness the supplement’s maximum benefits to help you achieve maximum performance. Surprisingly, some manufacturers conceal lower-grade ingredients in their supplements and still sell them as premium products. This practice has become prevalent in the industry, but we demand that our supplements are the highest-quality pharmaceutical grade and vigorously test them to ensure their quality and ability to deliver results. Learn more about our super-powered supplements.

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