How Does Semaglutide Work for Weight Loss?

Semaglutide works by mimicking a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) that targets areas of the brain that regulate appetite and food intake. The medication was first used under the brand name Ozempic to help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. However, doctors soon began to see other benefits of this drug, particularly for weight loss.

Although GLP-1 agonists, such as Semaglutide, help to control blood sugar, they also promote weight loss. GLP-1, the key hormone involved, slows down how quickly your stomach empties itself of food. In addition to prompting your pancreas to release insulin, Semaglutide also blocks a hormone that causes your liver to release sugar (glucagon). These functions can help you feel less hungry, causing you to eat less and lose more weight.

As Semaglutide gained popularity, manufacturers developed a pill known as Rybelsus as an alternative to Ozempic. Wegovy followed shortly after. Wegovy contains a higher Semaglutide dosage and is intended for weight loss rather than diabetes management.

How To Take Semaglutide

Patients typically begin Semaglutide at a low dose and gradually work up to the full dosage. This gives the body time to adjust to the medication and may help reduce common side effects. You should take Semaglutide with a small sip of water not exceeding 4 ounces. Swallow the tablet whole and do not eat or drink anything else for at least 30 minutes.

It's best to eat a small, sensible meal 30 to 60 minutes after your dose of Semaglutide. You should take this pill at the same time and in the same manner every day. Most patients only take one daily dose. Carefully follow any additional instructions provided by your healthcare provider. Taking Semaglutide with a beverage other than water, eating too soon after the pill, or taking your dosage at different times each day can minimize its efficacy and may lead to uncomfortable side effects.

Studies on Semaglutide

The USDA approved Wegovy for chronic weight management in 2021. The medication has become wildly popular since, with celebrities like Elon Musk touting its benefits. Studies support the hype, indicating that Semaglutide is indeed an effective medication for weight loss. In one trial involving adults with diabetes and an average body weight of 231 pounds, participants using Wegovy lost 12.4% more of their initial body weight on average compared to those taking the placebo. In another study, where the average body weight was 220 pounds, participants lost 6.2% more of their body weight on Wegovy compared to the placebo.

Yet another clinical trial backs up this evidence. In a study involving 1,961 participants with Body Mass Index (BMI) values of 30 or more or a BMI of 27 or more with another weight-related condition, the success rates were remarkable. All participants engaged in lifestyle modifications over the 68-week trial period. Of the 1,306 participants who received Semaglutide, 86.4% lost more than 5% of their body weight. Meanwhile, only 31.1% of the 655 participants on the placebo enjoyed the same results.

While a 5% weight loss was the target for this trial, 70% of the patients lost at least 10% of their body weight. The average weight loss for patients on Wegovy was 14.9% compared to just 1.4% for those who used only lifestyle modifications and received the placebo.

semaglutide weight loss program at the biostation

With Semaglutide, you will slowly work your way up to the target dose at which time you will see the most amount of weight loss. It is important to keep in mind that weight loss can take time, and you’ll see the best results when you are using your medication in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. Sometimes the medication may not work for you, or you may not be able to tolerate the full dose due to side effects.

benefits of the semaglutide peptide protocol include:

  • Promotes major Lipolysis
  • Lowers BMI and accelerates fat loss
  • Reduces Inflammation promotes gut health
  • Lowers A1C
  • Improves insulin resistance
  • Plaque Hemorrhage is reduced
  • Helps pancreatic insulin release to lower glucose levels in the bloodstream
  • Cardiovascular benefits - lower risks of cardio events
  • Improve glycemic control
  • Major Weight loss
  • Help control food cravings / reduce appetite
  • Lower BP

the biostation's 8-12 week semaglutide peptide weight loss program includes:

  • Intake session and basic blood panel to confirm that you are a candidate for the program
  • Semaglutide in troche or injection
  • Doctor designed and supervised weight loss protocol and healthy weight management plan with weekly monitoring, based on your personalized weight loss needs
  • Nutritional guides

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