bPulse therapy restores natural function

There are several types of treatments available for men with ED, including pills, vacuum devices, and Intracavernosal Injection Therapy (ICI) or penile injections. ED is typically caused by poor blood flow to the penis, caused by unhealthy blood vessels.

Our goal at the biostation™ is to treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction. Our clinicians may combine multiple treatment methods to develop new and healthy blood vessels. During your initial consultation our medical team will determine if your ED is due to blood vessel problems, stress, side effects of other medications or age-related health conditions and then prescribe a protocol to treat the root cause of your ED.

bPulse therapy benefits

  • Drug, surgery and needle-free
  • Non-invasive
  • Long-lasting results
  • Confidential consultation and evaluation
  • Customized treatment plan for each patient
  • Treats ED and Peyronie’s Disease
  • No unwanted side effects
  • Increases blood flow to the penis
  • Enhances erections and increases sensation
  • Improves sexual performance
  • No restrictions on foods, alcohol or medications

bpulse therapy - faqs

What is bPulse Therapy? ×

A breakthrough therapy for achieving optimal sexual performance, at any age. bPulse Therapy is unique in that it aims to restore erectile mechanism to enable natural erections. A clinician at the biostation will administer bPulse therapy to the surface of the penis to stimulate blood flow and widen arteries so the penis can fill with blood and perform at an optimal level. Treatment sessions may last up to thirty minutes.

Who can benefit from bPulse Therapy? ×

Men seeking a cure for Erectile Dysfunction and alternative ways to rejuvenate their sexual performance or erection. bPulse Therapy should be considered if you experience any of the following conditions:

  • My erections are not as strong or reliable as they used to be.
  • Cannot always maintain or sustain the rigidity of an erection.
  • I am dependent on pills and/or vacuum for an erection & dislike the side effects.
  • No longer respond to ED pills.
  • I have diabetes and this has affected my erections.
  • I have had a prostatectomy and would like to restore function.
  • I have low testosterone and it’s affecting my erection quality or libido.
  • My erection problems are subtle and just recently became more noticeable.
  • No longer having morning erections.

Clinical trials of bPulse therapy for ED have had superior results. The process has been well tolerated by patients with no major side effects. Each treatment recommendation and protocol is different and will depend on the severity of a man’s erectile dysfunction and goals. Many patients found their erections have improved and they were able to have sexual intercourse.

How long is the prodecure? ×

The procedure is simple. It is an in-office procedure that lasts between 15-30 minutes.

Post-treatment information ×
  1. After procedure, wash off all BLT Cream to avoid ongoing numbness.
  2. You may have intercourse the same day.
  3. Mild skin redness is expected and should self-resolve within 24-48hrs.
  4. Rarely, patients may experience mild bruising or discomfort. Avoid the use of Ice and NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen or Aleve. May use Tylenol 500mg for discomfort relief when necessary.
  5. Please, use pump for 10 minutes at a PSI of 10-12 minutes 1 to 2 times per day for 6 weeks.
  6. Onset of results can vary. Expect it to take 2-3 months before maximum benefits are achieved.
  7. 6-12 sessions with or without PRP may be recommended. There’s no known harm to repeat treatments and in fact, many patients report improved or sustained results with follow-up sessions. Ask your provider about the proper maintenance plan for you.

ED Treatment with bPulse Therapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects anywhere from 3% to 70.2% of the population. Figures are difficult to quantify because many cases are unreported, but this condition could affect as many as 30,333,668 men in the U.S. alone. Though the prevalence of ED increases with age, it's not unusual for younger men to suffer as well. Research indicates that around a quarter of men under age 40 have experienced ED. This condition isn't just physical — it also impacts individuals' mental and emotional health and affects relationships, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. It's important to seek professional medical assistance for ED, as it's often treatable. At the biostation, we can help you explore a wide range of options for treating ED.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many possible causes for ED. Your body has to do many things to achieve an erection: your endocrine system must release certain hormones, your nervous system must send the right electrical impulses, and your circulatory system must deliver ample blood flow to the penis. If you're suffering from a condition that affects any of these three systems, ED can result.

The most common cause of ED is a condition that impacts the flow of blood to the penis. Several conditions and diseases can lead to ED, including:

High blood pressure or cholesterol.
Vascular disease.
Testosterone deficiency.
Peyronie disease.

Risk Factors for ED

If you suffer from any of these health conditions, you're at a higher risk of developing ED. Your chances of experiencing ED also increase if you're over the age of 40, are physically inactive, and have a body mass index over 25. Smoking also increases your risk of ED.

Psychological Impact of ED

The psychological impact of ED can be a vicious cycle. In some cases, ED is the result of depression, anxiety, or high levels of stress. You might suffer from ED as a side effect of substance use. Alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, marijuana, nicotine, and barbiturates can all depress your central nervous system and damage your blood vessels, leading to ED.

the biostation's Approach to ED Treatment

At the biostation, we provide personalized ED therapy tailored to your individual needs. Our comprehensive assessors evaluate every aspect of your health and consider the body as an integrated system with many interconnected parts. It's often impossible and ill-advised to isolate one symptom from the rest of the body's key wellness markers.

Patients with ED are often suffering from other symptoms, such as low energy levels, depression, or increased body fat. We can address these concerns for you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for greater wellness and overall rejuvenation.

At the biostation, we use cutting-edge diagnostic tools for ED assessment and treatment. This can include ultrasound examinations, diagnostic blood testing, and other tests. We help you gain an in-depth understanding of your health so you can move forward confidently with a personalized treatment plan.

Therapy Options for ED Treatment

Every patient is different. We customize each treatment plan to address your specific concerns in a manner that's comfortable for you. Whether you want to lose weight, enhance your self-esteem, or increase your stamina, we align your treatment plan with your personal goals. We have a wide range of treatment options, some of which can be used in conjunction with others.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Low testosterone levels are a common issue seen in ED. Testosterone starts decreasing as early as your 20s. By age 70, the average man's testosterone level is 30% lower than it was at its peak around age 17. At the biostation, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy that delivers naturally derived compounded hormones that are bioidentical to your body's natural hormones.

We offer testosterone therapy in many different forms, including topical gels, intramuscular injections, and pellets that are inserted under the skin. Our providers will walk you through all the options so you can find the approach that's most comfortable for you.

Hormone replacement therapy can treat ED while delivering a wealth of other benefits, including:

Increased energy levels.
Reduced anxiety.
Greater muscular strength.
Loss of body fat.
Enhanced sexual performance.

bPulse Therapy

Many cases of ED are related to a lack of blood flow to the penis. bPulse therapy addresses the root cause of ED by widening the arteries that deliver blood to your penis. This noninvasive procedure takes just 15 to 30 minutes. For optimum results, we typically recommend six to 12 sessions. Patients usually achieve the maximum benefits from bPulse therapy two to three months after treatment.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Rejuvenation

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) rejuvenation treatments improve circulation and blood flow. Patients often report better stamina, greater sensitivity, and even an increase in the length and girth of the penis with this treatment.

PRP therapy involves drawing a small amount of blood and placing it into a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma, which has a high concentration of platelets. The platelets are a rich source of natural growth factors that are thought to stimulate healing. After centrifugation is complete, your doctor injects the separated plasma into the penile area for nearly instantaneous results. PRP is often used in conjunction with bPulse therapy to maximize the impact of both treatments.

Peptide/Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Peptides and human growth hormone (HGH) help keep your body youthful. When you have low levels of HGH, coupled with low levels of amino acids, you can experience depression, fatigue, and general malaise.

Peptide/HGH treatments can help to restore your youthful vitality. The therapy has been shown to increase libido, energy levels, and athletic performance while treating ED. Patients have even experienced sharper memories and speedier recovery from injuries while undergoing peptide/HGH treatment. This approach can deliver a well-rounded boost to your personal wellness.

Find Your Custom Treatment Plan

Our skilled health care providers at the biostation are uniquely qualified to address issues with ED. We treat thousands of individuals with ED each year and have unrivaled expertise in this area. At the biostation, we're committed to providing innovative solutions that are tailor-made to suit your lifestyle. Our treatment plans are discreet and effective. Schedule a consultation now to learn more about the biostation's specialized ED therapy programs.

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Since the successful launch of Viagra® in 1998, talking about sexual dysfunction and seeking help became less taboo. Nevertheless, the topic remains a sensitive one for most men, although it definitely shouldn’t be! If you are suffering from ED, the best way to dramatically improve your quality of life is to seek help from a qualified, experienced sexual health specialist.

Signs of erectile dysfunction

  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection at least once in every four times of attempting sexual intercourse.
  • Sexual erection becomes weaker or less rigid.
  • Achieving an erection takes longer than usual or becomes more difficult in certain positions.
  • Maintaining an erection becomes a conscious effort
    or becomes more difficult.
  • Morning erections become less frequent and less rigid.
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