thermiVa thermal energy vaginal rejuvenation

recharge your sex life and reclaim your sexual health.

Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes which may affect feminine health and wellness. A particularly strenuous vaginal childbirth, or multiple births, can cause stretching of the vagina. The effects of menopause can also cause physical and functional changes, such as excessive dryness. Both situations can rob women (and their partners) of their sense of well-being and happiness. Take back control of your sexual health and satisfaction with non-invasive and effective ThermiVa.

non surgical. no downtime. instant results.

the biostation is among the first medical practices specialized and trained to offer ThermiVa thermal energy vaginal rejuvenation, the groundbreaking non-surgical therapy that revitalizes vaginal appearance and function. ThermiVa safely, effectively and painlessly—without any anesthesia or downtime—can help you to achieve a physical and aesthetic vaginal transformation in just three treatments, with many patients experiencing a significant change immediately after their first procedure. Patients describe the treatment as comfortable and feeling similar to a hot stone massage. There is no downtime and you can resume all your daily activities immediately after your appointment.

how the science of heat works

ThermiVA-infographic2ThermiVa powered by Thermi technology uses powerful yet gentle radio frequency to heat internal and external vaginal tissue and rejuvenate your body’s own collagen. Patients experience no discomfort or downtime and can resume all activities immediately—even sex. A recent study documented multiple benefits for patients who complained about vaginal laxity and other issues associated with vulvovaginal youthfulness, feminine sexuality and overall well-being.

ThermiVa benefits may include:

  • No downtime – you can resume all activities the same day including sex
  • Significant improvement in vaginal tightness, both external and internal
  • Significant enhancement of vaginal appearance, texture and color
  • Improvement in stress urinary incontinence
  • Restored vaginal moisture production
  • Improved orgasmic function and satisfaction during intercourse
  • Notable improvement in cases of atrophic vaginitis

experience our revolutionary vaginal rejuvenation solution powered by Thermi

The biostation has partnered with Thermi to bring our patients the most proven, powerful and effective radio frequency therapy on the market. ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatment can be fully customized to suit your individual needs. Schedule a consultation today, and our aesthetics specialist will meet with you to discuss your symptoms and treatment goals, and create a personalized protocol designed to deliver results.

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How would you rate your vaginal tightness?
1. Very loose 2. Moderately loose
3. Moderately tight 4. Very tight

Do you experience discomfort during intercourse due to dryness?
1. Always 2. Often
3. Sometimes 4. Rarely or never

How would you rate your level of sexual desire?
1. Very low 2. Low
3. Moderate 4. Very high

Do you frequently experience urinary leaking or urgency?
1. Usually 2. Sometimes
3. Rarely 4. Never

Has your relationship with your partner been adversely affected due to childbirth or the natural aging process?
1. Definitely 2. Somewhat
3. Minimally 4. Not at all

How would you rate your sexual satisfaction during intercourse?
1. Poor 2. Fair
3. Good 4. Excellent

How confident are you about becoming aroused during sexual activity?
1. No confidence 2. Very low confidence
3. Moderate confidence 4. Very confident

If you scored a “1” or “2” on any of the questions above, contact us to schedule your confidential consultation with one of our experienced aesthetics experts and learn more about non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.