Glutathione is an essential antioxidant necessary for a healthy lifestyle and protects you from the toxins we face every day. Not only is glutathione found naturally in sulfur-rich foods, like whey protein, and can be raised naturally through exercise, but it can also be administered intravenously.

Glutathione injections are a form of nutrient therapy used to help treat people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, relieve side effects of chemotherapy, and has even been found to lighten skin tone.

Are Glutathione Injections Safe?

The IV injections of glutathione are a safe and effective way to make sure you’re getting as much benefit from glutathione. When administered through an IV you bypass the GI tract and get a full dose of glutathione into the bloodstream, making it more effective quicker.

How Do Glutathione Injections Work?

There are cells in your body that already contain glutathione. Sometimes, though, due to certain health conditions or lifestyles, your glutathione levels can deplete. A fast and effective way to make sure you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins is through glutathione injections. After this nutrient therapy, you might feel euphoric, energetic, and refreshed. When you replenish your body’s glutathione levels, you’re building and repairing cells in the body, vital in maintaining a healthy immune system.

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