Nutrient IV therapy has a wide range of uses. It is the fastest and most effective way to optimize your vitamin, nutrient, and mineral levels. IV therapy is great for a wide range of symptoms and problems Here at the biostation, we take care of you to restore your health.


If you are wondering what IV therapy could be used for, there are a wide range of conditions IV therapy is used to treat; one of them is migraines. Migraines cause dehydration, pain, disorientation and sensitivity to sound. An IV therapy can restore your electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins and hydration when used to treat problems associated with migraines. Not only is IV therapy used to restore your balances in the body, but it can help with the pain and nausea associated with migraines.

Energy Boost

Feeling tired and sluggish at or after work, despite the amount of sleep you get? Perhaps an IV drip is the solution for you, then. There are various blends of IV drips that can help restore your energy and make you feel younger and refreshed within minutes after nutrient therapy is administered. Get the boost you need with our b12 injections.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases can be triggered by many factors such as pollution, stress, trauma, and illness. While doctors today don’t know what causes your body to attack healthy cells, managing an autoimmune disorder can be difficult, sometimes overwhelming. One of the best uses of IV therapy is the fact it’s a more holistic approach to treating symptoms associated with an autoimmune disorder.

Depression and Anxiety

Lack of nutrition and hydration can leave you feeling weak, depressed, and anxious. Proper nutrients are vital to helping those with anxiety and depression, which can be alleviated with an IV drip. Chronic dehydration has been linked to depression. Our brains are made up of mainly water; so a dehydrated brain can’t produce enough serotonin and other neurotransmitters that affect mood.

There are numerous uses for IV therapy. At the biostation, your health is vital to us. Nourish your body and relax your mind, contact us today to learn more.