Thermal Energy uses gentle radio frequency technology designed to target and improve problem areas all over your body by increasing collagen production. At the biostation, we offer bRenewed treatments powered by Thermi RF as a non-invasive yet highly effective skin tightening and body contouring solution.

Using an FDA approved device with eight customizable paddles, your doctor will to comfortably treat problem areas with heat from targeted radio frequency energy. When skin is heated to a certain temperature for a set period of time, collagen production is activated. Collagen is the most important protein in skin and connective tissue at any age, and important for maintaining smooth, healthy and younger looking skin.

Increased Collagen and Reduced Cellulite

Collagen production naturally decreases as we age, and bRenewed gently accelerates the process to begin again. Worried about stubborn cellulite? Reduce the appearance of dimpled skin all over the body with this life-changing treatment.

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Amazing Benefits of bRenewed Body:

  • Reduced Cellulite
  • Tighter, more toned looking skin
  • Increased collagen production
  • Decreased fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firmer skin
  • Smoother skin and improved overall skin texture

Fast, Safe, and Precise Anti-Aging Treatment

bRenewed treatments require no downtime and there are no risks associated with this therapy since it is 100% non-invasive and safe. This anti-aging treatment can quickly, easily and effectively target the precise areas you are most concerned with.

Fewer Fine Lines and Wrinkles

the biostation - Thermal Energy Treatment Lines

Want to reduce wrinkles without going under the knife? It’s possible with bRenewed facial rejuvenation. Our satisfied patients have used it to target fine

lines and wrinkles under their eyes, around the corners of the mouth, cheeks, chin, and elsewhere. It’s most effective on the face and the body with 4-6 sessions spaced out a couple of weeks apart.

Gorgeously Glowing Skin

bRenewed treatments can help you can restore a youthful glow to your skin quickly, mimicking the look of perfectly hydrated skin with a microcirculatory effect. You'll notice your skin looks smoother, firmer and rosier—like you, only younger.

New Patient Special

Because we are so confident in the effectiveness of this truly groundbreaking treatment, we are now offering a special for new patients. Schedule your complimentary consultation to determine which bRenewed treatment is right for you. Your first treatment is on us! To learn more about any of our natural anti-aging solutions, contact the biostation.