Even though all the parks, natural areas, and beaches in Palm Beach County are now open, you can still find some less-crowded and beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy. Here are some fun ideas for things to do and places to explore if you desire to still follow social distancing rules.

South Florida Waterways

If your home backs up to a canal, bay, or lake, then definitely take advantage of the easy water access. Kayaking, canoeing, and other boating activities are allowed and can easily be enjoyed at a safe distance from others. You can even bring along your fishing gear and try to catch something good. The next time it's sunny outside, go out onto the water for a good workout or to simply relax and relieve some stress.

Route A1A Trail

Trails matter now more than ever in South Florida since gyms, beaches, and parks have closed. Many of us rely on still open trails to stay active and healthy. The Route A1A Trail is an excellent paved biking path that runs along the ocean for almost 22 miles. Its southern end is near Round Island Park, while its northern end is near Sebastian Inlet State Park. On this ride, you'll pass residential and commercial areas of Vero Beach and enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River Lagoon.

El Rio Trail

The El Rio Trail is a paved rail-trail, which means it was converted from an old railway track into a multi-use path. Bike, walk, run, and skate along this safe 4.7-mile trail that follows the El Rio Canal. Bridges along the way allow you to travel beneath highway overpasses so you don't have to worry about traffic. Keep an eye out for wildlife during your trek, and you might see turtles, great blue herons, or iguanas.

If you're heading south on Congress Avenue from Delray Beach to Boca Raton, park near the Delray Oaks Natural Area and follow the sidewalk over the bridge that connects the two cities. Make a right onto El Rio's trailhead at the southern end of the bridge. Access El Rio's southern end on Glades Road in Boca Raton. If you're looking for a place to fish, remember to bring along your pole and feel free to drop a line into the canal.

Palmetto Park Road Path

The Palmetto Park Road Path is a nicely paved path on the southern end of Boca Raton. It's a 5.5-mile trail for biking and walking that runs east to west. Just a heads up, there are a few major, well-marked road crossings. This is an urban trail passing through residential, shopping, and recreational areas. The path runs along a canal at points and offers some beautiful natural views. Access Palmetto Park Road Path on its west side near Veteran's Memorial Park off Highway 411.

Ocean Boulevard Path

The Ocean Boulevard Path is an easy and quiet trail that connects Spanish River Park, Red Reef Park, and South Beach Park. Bike, walk, or inline skate on this 4.7-mile path that runs parallel to a nicely landscaped roadway in Boca Raton. There isn't much shade, so be prepared with sun protection and plenty of water. You'll pass through some residential areas with beautiful homes, but you'll also be surrounded at times with green golf courses and pristine beach views.

Your Neighborhood

Don’t forget, you can still travel around your neighborhood on foot or by bike for exercise. If you don't have cardio equipment in your home, or if you're wanting to change up your workout routine, now is the time to head outdoors. Take the dog for a walk as many times a day as you wish. Both you and they will benefit from the added movement, just be careful not to overdo it at first and remember to hydrate.

Set exercise goals if it helps you to stay motivated and keep track of your daily progress. Inspire your roommates or family to go for a walk, run, or bike ride with you. You'll be amazed at how much you can change your health for the better with just a few simple steps toward leading a more active life. If the weather is really starting to heat up, opt for an outdoor excursion in the early morning or at twilight in the evening. It'll be cooler at these times but also light enough to be out and about.

Your Yard

Your yard may seem like a silly suggestion to make, but if you have a private outdoor space, you should take advantage of it. Relax in your shaded outdoor sitting area, swim in the pool, or create the backyard space you've always wanted. Take this extra time to work on the exterior of your home. Tackle any projects that have been left undone or start new ones. Caring for your landscaped areas and gardening are both excellent ways to get fresh air on a daily basis and may become the start of a new hobby for you.

All work and no play isn't fun for anyone, so be sure to take time to play outside, too. There are plenty of lawn games and sports to choose from, simply let your interests be your guide. While social distancing can leave you feeling isolated, it can also help you and your family bond even more. Try to cherish this time you have with them and let yourself enjoy each other's company in the beautiful Florida sunshine.

From Florida trails and waterways to your own backyard, you can find places in South Florida to get fresh air while still social distancing. Remember when you're out and about to keep at least 6 feet of space between yourself and anyone else who doesn't live in your household. We hope you stay safe, active, and healthy out there and at home. Do you know of any other outdoor places we missed? If so, drop us a line below.