For those living in South Florida, finding a top-notch Pilates studio can transform your fitness routine. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, the region offers a variety of studios that cater to all levels and preferences. Here’s a guide to some of the best Pilates studios around South Florida.

JETSET Pilates

JETSET Pilates is renowned for its high-energy, reformer-based workouts that combine strength training with Pilates principles. With locations across Miami, including Miami Beach and Brickell, JETSET offers classes that are designed to sculpt and tone the entire body in just 50 minutes. The challenging routines are balanced with upbeat music and high-quality instruction, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.

Club Pilates

With several locations including South Miami, Club Pilates offers a wide range of classes tailored to different fitness levels. From beginner to advanced courses, the studio emphasizes small group sessions that focus on the reformer flow techniques. The instructors are noted for their attentiveness and ability to create a welcoming and supportive environment.


Located in Miami, [solidcore] is more than just a Pilates studio. It offers a full-body workout regimen that is Pilates-inspired but incorporates a high-intensity, low-impact approach on specialized equipment. This studio is perfect for those looking to truly challenge themselves and achieve deep muscle strengthening and conditioning.

Kenergy Pilates

Kenergy Pilates in Miami is a boutique studio that focuses on the reformer Pilates method alongside other innovative workout forms. The studio is praised for its personalized approach, ensuring that each class provides not only physical benefits but also a focus on proper posture and form. Classes are available for all levels, providing a comprehensive Pilates experience that prioritizes individual progress.

Pilates One

Located in the heart of Miami, Pilates One offers a variety of reformer classes aimed at enhancing strength, flexibility, and balance. The studio is known for its intense workouts that engage the whole body. The instructors at Pilates One are celebrated for their dynamic teaching styles and the ability to push clients towards their fitness goals.

Get Fit in Florida

These Pilates studios offer some of the best workouts in South Florida, each with unique classes that cater to different needs and fitness levels. Remember to check out The Biostation, which offers comprehensive wellness solutions that can complement your fitness routine. Whether you are new to Pilates or looking to deepen your practice, these studios provide the quality, atmosphere, and challenges needed to transform your body and mind.