Testosterone replacement therapy isn’t just about becoming a more “manly man” or reclaiming your lost youth. It is a health-boosting treatment option that helps to reduce your risk of certain diseases and health conditions. In fact, many men observe improvements for markers of disease risk on their lab reports in as little as three to four weeks after the initial treatment.

Testosterone levels that are subpar can put men at a greater risk of disease and a man’s levels can tell a very insightful tale about his health. Here’s a look at why maintaining your testosterone levels between 800 to 1000 ng/dL is essential to your good health:

  • At 231 ng/dL, a man reduces the likelihood that he will experience erectile dysfunction. ED affects half of all men suffering from sexual dysfunction. If you are having performance issues related to achieving or sustaining an erection, your testosterone levels may be subpar.
  • At 283 ng/dL, a man is less likely to be affected by depression. Believe it or not, testosterone plays a strong role in your emotional state. It acts a shield from those not-so-happy moods, like irritability and sadness. An incessant struggle against depressing moods may mean your testosterone levels need a boost.
  • Between 332 and 380 ng/dL, a man will experience a reduced risk of coronary artery disease. That’s right; testosterone is good for the heart. Testosterone helps men keep fat mass at bay and makes it easier to maintain lean muscle mass. Less fat means less stress for the heart.
  • At 432 ng/dL, the risk of fatigue and loss of libido are diminished. Low energy and lack of interest in sex are signs your testosterone levels have dipped well below healthy levels.
  • At 450 ng/dL, a man can relish in the fact that his risk of type 2 diabetes has declined. Balanced testosterone levels can reduce those nasty sugar cravings that can drive your blood sugar levels to a dangerous place.
  • At 600 ng/dL, a man’s mortality improves. Enough said—balanced testosterone helps you live a longer, healthier life.
  • At 770 ng/dL, the risk of metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis is slashed. Testosterone really boosts a man’s ability to maintain lean body mass, protecting you from obesity and supporting your body’s structures, like those bones that hold you upright.
  • At 840 ng/dL, a man’s risk of aggressive prostate cancer is reduced. Testosterone keeps inflammation levels in check, a primary marker for cancerous-type disease.
  • At 900 ng/dL, a man’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is diminished. Studies have found that higher levels of testosterone reduce the risk of AD, but exactly why it offers protective benefit remains to be understood.

Get your testosterone levels checked and make a plan to get and keep them in balance for the sake of your health and quality of life.

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