I’ve long been a proponent of integrating nutrient IV (or intravenous) therapy into any health or wellness protocol. In my many years as a Cardiologist, I often treated patients using nutrient IV’s, and those patients generally saw the fastest results and were even able to avoid the use of pharmaceuticals in some cases. I’ve seen firsthand the power that 100% absorbable IV therapy can have, as it can both prevent and correct a wide range of ailments and diseases. Here are all the reasons why the biostation doctors recommend IV therapy as an integral part of any health, wellness and anti-aging program:

IV Therapy Guarantees 100% Absorption

IV therapy has the highest level of absorption and bioavailability. When you infuse your body with nutrients intravenously, the vitamins are released straight into your bloodstream. This means you can bypass the gut and don’t have to deal with all the absorption issues that can occur there as with food or oral supplements. IV therapy is a must for people who are trying to heal “leaky gut”, a condition that means you have intestinal permeability and therefore aren’t able properly absorb nutrients from your diet. Leaky gut is tricky, and a vicious cycle, because you need these nutrients to heal your intestinal wall, but you can’t get enough of them from your food or vitamin supplements. IV therapy is the answer.

the biostation - Doctors Recommend IV Therapy Absorbtion

IV Therapy is Instantly Effective

IV therapy delivers instant hydration plus the high dose of vitamins you need. After getting an IV, most patients report feeling more energized, hydrated, less anxious, and that they sleep like a baby that night. More importantly, IV therapy is preventative, meaning it will strengthen your immune system and help you fight off sickness, keep your energy levels high, and your body functioning at its peak performance. While you’ll likely notice certain benefits instantly, the effects of IV therapy are cumulative, and this therapy has the best results when done regularly as part of a nutrient therapy treatment plan.

Not All IV’s are Created Equal

You may have noticed that mobile IV vans, “pop up” services or drip spas seem to suddenly be everywhere—and not just in Vegas! IV therapy is certainly becoming more popular, however it’s important to understand the differences between these “trendy” on-demand services and medical-grade, doctor-supervised IV’s like we offer at the biostation. First of all, they usually do not check your bloodwork. Not only is this potentially unsafe, but it also likely means that their IV’s don’t contain a very strong vitamin dose. You are probably only getting a bag of saline with low levels of vitamins and still paying a high price.

At the biostation, our IV’s are pharmaceutical grade, so we require bloodwork for most of them. Patient care and safety are our top priorities, so we want to be sure that any treatment we recommend is effective and safe. All of our IV’s are doctor-designed to deliver targeted benefits, so you can be confident that you are getting a true “treatment” dose. For those patients who need instant relief and don’t want to wait for bloodwork, we do offer several targeted IV’s for hydration, vitamin b12 replenishment and hangover relief. However, I highly recommend getting your bloodwork done so the next time you can choose from our full menu of services (it is included in the price of the IV).

Customize Your IV Based on Your Needs

At the biostation, as with all of our treatments, our IV’s can be customized for our patients based on your individual nutrient needs and desired benefits. With over 17 formulations and 5 pushes to choose from, we have a nutrient solution for everyone. The benefits of IV therapy can include increased energy, enhanced performance and stamina, faster muscle recovery, reduced anxiety, stabilized moods, better sleep, immune system support, firmer and more hydrated skin, heavy metal detoxification, and of course, hangover relief. We even have an IV treatment that helps remove dangerous plaque from arteries.

Enhance Your IV Treatment with Pushes

The fastest way to get an additional boost of nutrients and even more powerful health benefits is with a push. These 5-15 minute therapies can be done alone if you are short on time, or added to the end of any IV session. Our most popular push is Glutathione, but we also have Vitamin C and an Immune Support formula with the infection fighting power of Silver. Again, your push treatment can be customized to meet your needs and treat whatever symptoms you may be experiencing at the time.

the biostation - Doctors Recommend IV Therapy Treatment

If you’ve never experienced the dramatic health, wellness, weight loss and beauty benefits of IV therapy, I invite you to give it a try. I think you’ll be amazed with the effects it can have. Most of our IV’s take just 30 minutes to an hour, and during that time you can relax in our nutrilounge, catch up with friends, or even enjoy a quick nap. Our dedicated team is here to make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have.

Discover the power of IV therapy at the biostation today.