Whether you're a local or a tourist, you might wonder if Fort Lauderdale is a good place for biking. You'll be glad to hear that the area has plenty of trails suitable for various skill levels. Best of all, their unique scenery means that there's always a new place to explore by yourself or with your loved ones. Check out this article to discover eight great bike trails in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Visit your favorite from this list or check them off one by one if you want to experience all that the area's biking scene has to offer.

Cypress Creek Greenway

If you're up for a more challenging ride, consider tackling the Cypress Creek Greenway. This trail stretches for 16.5 miles and consists of a mix of asphalt and concrete surfaces. Cyclists starting at the western trailhead can park at the Gary B. Jones Park for People and Pups or Tephford Park Playground.

After biking along the paved greenway that parallels Southgate Boulevard and the C-14 Canal for three miles, you'll approach the Forest Nature Center. A 1.6-mile stretch down Lyons Road will take you to McNab and allows you to arrive at the final destination of Pompano Beach. The trail has plenty of signage, but consider wearing a hat and sunscreen to compensate for the lack of shade.

Hiatus Road Greenway

Sitting between the cities of Plantation and Sunrise, the Hiatus Road Greenway parallels the C-42 Canal. The 6-mile pathway features beautiful landscaping, benches, and signage to help you with navigation. Starting at the northern end in Welleby Park allows you to enjoy amenities like restrooms, water, playgrounds, and picnic pavilions. If you start at the Southern end, you can park at the Davie Shopping Center plaza and access the beginning of the trail via the New River Greenway.

C-13 Canal Greenway

The paved asphalt trail of the C-13 Canal Greenway makes it an ideal route for a leisurely ride from the outskirts of Oakland Park through Lauderdale Lakes. The stretch from NW 31st Avenue to US Highway 441 parallels backyards on one side and the northern bank of the canal to offer a relaxing view. When you get to US Highway 41, you cross the canal and begin following the canal's southern bank to the Florida Turnpike. Vincent Torres Memorial Park is slightly west of this crossing and offers fields for various sports.

Tradewinds Park

While people of all ages can appreciate a bike ride at Tradewinds Park, the site is particularly popular among children. Consider spending an afternoon with your family exploring the park's 1.75-mile cumulative trail. The community uses it for runs, walks, and triathlons year-long, meaning it receives plenty of maintenance.

Even better is that Tradewinds Park's 638.5 acres feature other attractions like a butterfly farm, horse stables, and model steam train rides. Kids love these amenities that allow them to connect with nature, learn new things, and use their imagination. Tradewinds Park sits at Sample Road and Florida's Turnpike off of exit 69. Parking is free, though you may have to pay a small entrance fee on holidays and weekends. Entry is free for children under five years old, and the park welcomes pets.

Quiet Waters Park

People often visit Quiet Waters Park for its water slides, cable water-skiing, and campground, but the area also features a mountain biking trail for adventurous cyclists. The loop is about 4.6 miles and features an elevation gain of about 42 feet. A convenient warmup trail allows you to get comfortable before you tackle more advanced trail portions that feature loose coral rocks.

The trail is open year-round, allowing guests to tackle the terrain regardless of the season. Feel free to bring your furry friend to explore the beautiful trail. Note that while the trail is popular among cyclists, hikers, and runners, the park stays true to its name by offering moments of solitude during less busy periods. There's no doubt that Quiet Waters is a peaceful attraction

Brian Piccolo Sports Park and Velodrome

Cyclists who want a more controlled environment to practice their skills often visit the Brian Piccolo Sports Park and Velodrome. The park opened in 1989 to honor football player Brian Piccolo's achievements. The velodrome is a 333.3-meter concrete track with a maximum banking of about 30 degrees at each turn's apex. The slightly banked 200-meter track in the infield is ideal for warming up. Lighting makes the track accessible at night, and visitors can enjoy other activities like soccer, cricket, and basketball.

Fort Lauderdale Beachfront Promenade

Explore a world-famous coastline and award-winning wave wall by taking your bike to the Fort Lauderdale Beachfront Promenade. If you don't have your own bike, consider renting one from one of the many providers along the path. You'll make your way along the path next to other bikers and rollerbladers as you take in the gorgeous view and enjoy the sea breeze. Some bikers stop at the wide array of sidewalk restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues for an even more unique experience. If you want to spend some time at the beach, try jetskiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or windsurfing.

Plantation Heritage Park

Plantation Heritage Park is the perfect spot for cyclists to take in gorgeous views. As you ride along the smooth path, you're bound to appreciate the grove of rare tropical fruit trees that perfectly captures the essence of Florida. You can also explore the Anne Kolb Nature Center that's been open since 1996 and is the result of several years of development. Its 1,501 acres consist of a coastal mangrove wetland that allows you to appreciate rich plant and animal life, including endangered and threatened species.

We hope this list of eight great bike trails in Fort Lauderdale, Florida inspires you to plan your next adventure. Whether you want to spend quality time with loved ones or get more exercise, biking on these trails is the perfect activity. If you need additional help eliminating stubborn fat, be sure to contact the biostation about our FDA-cleared CoolScultping® procedure.

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