As the years go by, it's essential to focus on sustaining the range of motion in your joints. Maintaining flexibility can boost your strength and endurance and is crucial for your mental well-being. Research published in the International Journal of Yoga shows that focusing on self-care for your body through yoga can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while promoting overall well-being and quality of life. Yoga is a lifelong practice, and the Tampa, Florida, area offers several dynamic yoga studios to help you achieve enhanced flexibility, balance, and peace of mind.

Bella Prāna Collective

Encounter a community that "seeks, geeks, and freaks over moving and healing together." Founded by Roni Elissabeth Harris, the Bella Prāna Collective is like an extension of your home and family. Its community supports each person's path to wellness while celebrating the uniqueness that lies within every individual.

Embracing its mission to bolster its community, Bella Prāna offers various donation-based classes and events supporting nonprofit organizations chosen by the studio's instructors. These activities include the following:

  • A funky Pride + Flow Yoga Disco class held quarterly.
  • Family, Baby + Me, and Kids’ Mindfulness summer camp experience.
  • A Comfort Measures prenatal workshop held quarterly and a prenatal yoga class that takes place three times a week.

In addition to these special programs, Bella Prāna invites Tampa residents interested in becoming yoga instructors to participate in virtual or in-person teacher training. Bella Prāna's 200-hour yoga teacher training program introduces students to various styles of yoga, including vinyasa flow, restorative, Ashtanga, and hot 26. Dates and teacher training schedule information are available on Bella Prāna's website.

  • Location:  1112 W. Platt St., Tampa
  • Email: 


At CAMP, every yoga practice becomes an adventure. Escape your stresses and come to CAMP for an experience with wellness you won't find at any fitness studio. CAMP Yoga  is one of its signature programs, delivering a transformative, liberating yoga practice grown out of traditional asana with space for evolution and exploration.

Participants will find several dynamic yoga experiences at CAMP, including the following:

  • Space CAMP is suited for those who want to test the limits of their relationship with gravity, self, and soul.
  • Power Flow and Chill takes you through a sequential patterning of heat-building and chill, restorative postures.
  • Sound Bowls + Meditation helps you quiet your mind and soothe your soul with healing vibrations from sound bowls.

Visit the studio's website to check the schedule for upcoming CAMP Yoga practices and register to attend.

  • Location:  3012 W. Palmira Ave., Tampa
  • Telephone:  813-999-1900

Cocoon Yoga and Movement Studio

Find your flow and go beyond the limits of your possibilities with Cocoon Yoga and Movement Studio. This boutique yoga studio inspires and motivates individuals to breathe, stretch, learn, and grow together in a nurturing, supportive space. Classes cover various topics for students at all levels of their yoga practice, from beginners to advanced students. From gentle flows to sculpting moves, breath work, and Barre movements, Cocoon Yoga and Movement Studio provides how-to guidance and theory to help you understand the purpose behind the poses.

Education events, retreats, and workshops are also a studio staple. For example, yoga teacher Meghan Do presents an asana myth-busting series for those who want to understand how a yogic practice can fit one's body. Participants will walk away from this experience with a greater understanding of how to think and feel critically about their yoga practice and clarify what asana can look like for them. You can registration and find more information on Cocoon Yoga and Movement Studio's website.

  • Location:  4105 S. MacDill Ave., Tampa
  • Telephone:  813-738-5604

Kodawari Studios

Yoga, bodywork, and wellness define the approach Kodawari Studios takes toward health and wellness. The 5,000-square-foot facility in South Tampa connects talented yoga teachers, body workers, and wellness practitioners with students who want to "empower each other to share knowledge that creates inner evolution and outer revolution."

Yoga offerings vary by day and instructor and include heated vinyasa flow, Kundalini yoga, hot power yoga, and slow power yoga. View the full schedule on the Kodawari Studios website for dates and times. Those seeking a more in-depth yoga experience can sign up for a yoga retreat, such as the October 2023 retreat to Greece. This dynamic experience at the five-star Aegialis Hotel and Spa on Amorgos Island will allow participants to further explore the possibilities of their yoga practice with instruction from Kodawari's nurturing teachers.

  • Location:  3965 Henderson Blvd., Suite C, Tampa
  • Telephone:  813-999-1874

The Body Electric

With its focus on delivering client-centered mindful movement practices, The Body Electric offers high-quality, inclusive, and diverse yoga practices and physical fitness programs to residents of Tampa Bay. The Body Electric yoga offerings empower individuals to continue learning and improving upon themselves with support from some of the region's most dedicated yoga instructors.

Jumpstart or build on your existing yoga practice with several of The Body Electric's yoga classes, including power flow, hot Hatha, 50/50 (vinyasa and standing postures coupled with slow movement and deep stretching), and hot power yoga. A schedule of classes is available on The Body Electric website.

Mysore at The Body Electric invites individuals to experience Ashtanga in the traditional method and advance their asana practice. Through Mysore, students move through the Primary Series at their pace. You orchestrate the direction and intensity of your yoga practice while a teacher supervises. No prior yoga experience is required, and new students are welcome.

  • Location:  3015 Seventh St. N., St. Petersburg.
  • Telephone:  727-490-9361.

Maintain Your Flexibility, Build Your Balance With Yoga in Tampa

Now that you know about some of our favorite yoga studios in Tampa, you can take the next steps to beginning or continuing your yoga practice. What did you think about our suggestions? Have you practiced yoga at one of these studios? If so, we'd love to hear about your experience. Please contact us and tell us how it went. All of us at the biostation enjoy getting out in our community and sharing the best resources for health and vitality.