The terms detox and cleanse are often used interchangeably and can refer to a number of different diet plans, ranging from a restrictive liquid diet to a simple whole food plant-based eating plan. The purpose of any detox diet or detox cleanse is to restrict what you eat and drink for a period of time to help flush toxins out of your system.

Though you may not realize it, your body takes in toxins daily. Your food, water, cosmetics, and even the air can all contain these harmful compounds. Unfortunately, avoiding all toxins is nearly impossible, so it's helpful to periodically cleanse yourself of the toxic buildup. Keep reading to learn the common signs that it's time for a detox cleanse.

You're Carrying Extra Weight

A detox cleanse is an effective way to jumpstart a weight loss plan. During the detox, your weight loss may come primarily from water weight. However, the real benefits of your cleanse go beyond the short-term loss of a few pounds. Going through detox is a great way to reset your habits. You'll flush out the toxins that are weighing you down and get a boost to your energy, clarity, and mood. These effects work together to give you the enthusiasm and dedication to stick with a weight loss plan long after completing your cleanse.

Your Diet Needs an Overhaul

How does your diet look these days? If it has a lot of caffeine, processed convenience foods, and sugary or fatty treats, you could undoubtedly benefit from an overhaul of your eating plan. The most healthful diet relies primarily on whole foods and water, which means plenty of produce, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.

Changing your habits overnight is difficult, which is why a cleanse is so helpful. A short-term detox lets you reset your habits and kick food addictions to the curb so that you can settle into a healthier diet when you transition back into your regular daily routine. As you come out of the detox, don't think of your new eating habits as a "diet." Instead, approach it as a lasting lifestyle change, and you can enjoy better health in the long term.

You're Constantly Tired

Carrying too many toxins causes adrenal fatigue, which expresses itself through a persistent feeling of tiredness and grogginess. Adrenal fatigue can impact your circadian rhythms, making it difficult to sleep properly at night. Many people combat their fatigue with caffeine and sugar, which provide a short-term boost of energy followed by a severe slump. You can get sucked into a continuous cycle of ups and downs this way, and a detox will free you from this cycle and deliver the kind of energy that lasts.

You Struggle With Mood Swings

A high level of toxins and cortisol imbalance can result in moodiness, depression, and anxiety. Poor diet and health contribute to a general feeling of stress and unhappiness, which can cause some severe downswings. If you're struggling with unpleasant emotions, a detox cleanse may be just what you need to hit the reset button.

Not only will this benefit your physical health, but it will also give you the perfect excuse to take a mini-vacation and focus on your mental health. Consider pairing your detox with some downtime for meditation, journaling, yoga, and rest, so you can dump your emotional baggage alongside your physical toxins.

You Have Poor Digestion

If you've struggled with poor digestion for a long time, it's easy to accept these issues as a part of everyday life. However, you shouldn't have diarrhea, gas, or constipation regularly. If you're dealing with these types of digestive issues frequently, your liver is likely overloaded with toxins. A detox cleanse will wash these out, helping you return to a healthier digestive state. You may eliminate bloating you didn't even realize you had and quickly return to a trimmer, more comfortable form.

You Have Skin Problems

Your skin is responsible for ridding the body of many toxins by pushing them out through your pores. If you struggle with dry, patchy skin or excessive oil and acne, a cleanse may help rebalance your skin and give you a clearer complexion.

It's important to note that your skin may get worse before it gets better as all the toxins are released from your system. Consider visiting a sauna during your detox to speed up the process with a bit of extra sweat to push those toxins out. Stick with your plan, and you'll get the glowing results you seek with time.

You Can't Seem to Focus

High levels of toxins in the body increase inflammation, which can cause inflammatory oxidative stress in the brain. This can compromise the blood-brain barrier, which protects your brain from toxins, leading to a condition known as leaky brain. Symptoms of a leaky brain include fogginess, trouble concentrating, memory loss, and headaches.

A cleanse will help rid your body of the toxins that are causing this issue. As you flush these out of the body, inflammation will go down, and you may start to feel like a whole new person.

Your Joints Are Stiff and Painful

Chronic inflammation caused by high levels of toxins can leave you with painful muscles and joints. If you find it difficult to move comfortably, you may need to rid yourself of the unhealthy buildup that's keeping your body inflamed and uncomfortable. Reducing inflammation offers a wealth of benefits. As you get rid of this chronic pain, you'll find it easier to exercise, which will help you lose weight, improve your mood, and live a healthier life overall.

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