Detoxing the body every 6-9 months can have tremendous benefits for your health, weight management and overall well-being. There are lots of different ways you can detox, from juice cleanses to elimination diets. As with all of our programs at the biostation, our bClean cleanse is fully customizable for each patient based on their diet, lifestyle, health and personal goals.

Why is Detoxing Good for You? Eight Powerful Benefits of Detox Cleanse

Here are the top reasons why I recommend a cleanse to all of my nutrition and weight loss patients...

the biostation - Life Changing Benefits of a 7-Day Plan: Detoxing

1. Weight Loss

Weight loss is generally the most well-known and popular reason patients come to me wanting to start a cleanse. By temporarily reducing calorie intake and avoiding heavy, hard-to-process and inflammatory foods, you make it easier for your body to convert food to energy and burn through body fat. Not only do you lose weight, but you can reset your body, diminish cravings and reduce your appetite. Many of my patients report an overall sense of feeling "lighter" after doing a cleanse.

2. Energy Boost

A cleanse is a great way to combat fatigue. During a cleanse, you’ll have a chance to rebalance your metabolism and decrease caffeine dependence. Not only does a detox help you feel better during the day, but it may help you sleep better, too. In fact, I encourage patients to not schedule many activities while cleansing and to try to get as much rest as possible. That deep, restful sleep is when your body does most of its healing and recharging.

3. Better Concentration

A cleanse is an amazing opportunity to clear your mind of “brain fog.” Feelings of anxiety or being unable to focus often come from eating sugary, processed or inflammatory foods. You may find that, by the end of a week, you are able to ignore distractions and stay focused better.

4. Better Breathing

When people feel worried, scared or anxious, it’s natural to tighten up and reduce the breath. Full and deep breathing is essential to overall health and well being. With a cleanse, you’ll get a unique opportunity to slow things down, reconnect with your natural breath and feel more relaxed.

5. Emotional Release

There are many reasons you might feel strong, unusual or shifting emotions during a cleanse. The food you eat is one important part, however, since it influences your digestive system – which, in turn, is a major part of your immune functioning. You may feel more content, calm and happy during and after your cleanse.

6. Ability to Make Healthier Lifestyle Changes

When you take on a cleanse, you quickly realize that you have a great deal of control over your day-to-day eating and drinking habits. A cleanse forces you to pay attention to everything you are putting in your mouth. Once they are done cleansing, many of my patients are so happy with the way they look and feel that they continue the "clean" eating habits in their everyday lives. In fact, learning how to make healthier lifestyle choices is one of the biggest and often most surprising benefits of a cleanse!

7. Healthier Hair and Skin

Before a cleanse is even complete, many patients begin to notice healthier skin with a radiant, lit-from-within glow and shinier, stronger hair. Vitamins from the cleanse combined with a lack of preservatives, artificial ingredients, toxins and other foreign agents means your hair and skin get more of what they need.

8. Anti-Aging Benefits

The overall effect of a good cleansing is anti-aging. Much of aging is caused by DNA degeneration that is accelerated when the body is under stress or dealing with inflammation from reactionary foods. A cleanse is the perfect way to reset your systems and slow the aging process.

the biostation - Life Changing Benefits of a 7-Day Plan: Jumpstart

Jumpstart Your Weight Loss and Wellness with a 7-Day Cleanse at the biostation

As the perfect complement to our wellness, anti-aging and weight loss services, the biostation offers a powerful and effective seven-day cleanse. I often recommend that patients do a cleanse before starting a weight loss program or wellness treatment plan. This helps gently reset your body, reduce cravings and flush out toxins so you can maximize your results and reach your goals faster. To find out more about our bClean detox cleanse, contact us.