Everything gets better with exercise! While that might be the mantra for some, it is not the mantra for all. But what if exercise, even just a little bit, enhanced how you look and feel from the inside out? Would you give it a try?

Did you know that combining hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with physical activity can take your exercise results to the next level? You won’t just feel good—you’ll feel great!

Improving your hormone profile through HRT is only the beginning. As you ease into your treatment plan you will begin to experience more energy, giving you one of the most vital tools for getting fit. Adding exercise to your therapy will enhance results, including increasing your fat burn, improving muscle generation, regulating your blood sugar levels, and boosting your immune system. And, did we mention better sex? That’s right, along with your hormone replacement therapy, exercise can raise the level of neurotransmitters and a few love-happy hormones to heighten sexual desire and pleasure. How’s that for looking as good as you feel, in almost every aspect of your life?

Studies have shown that hormone replacement therapy and exercise go hand in hand. Exercise boosts the benefits of HRT, while HRT makes exercise a lot more plausible and delivers more effective results. Hormone replacement therapy with exercise is shown to enhance your body’s ability to fight off age-related diseases. Weight-bearing exercises improve bone density, warding off osteoporosis, while a few miles on the treadmill can promote a healthy heart.

And, everyone knows that moving more is classically associated with weight loss. With HRT, you don’t have to worry if a hormone imbalance will make your efforts futile. In fact, studies in 2001and 2003 found that hormone replacement therapy improved muscle tone, reduced fat mass, and increased lean body mass when combined with physical activity in postmenopausal women.

A study, published in the 2012 issue of Current Diabetes Review, found that testosterone therapy administered to obese men with low testosterone increased energy and motivation to exercise, while combating fatigue.

The team at the biostation™ can help you design a hormone replacement therapy treatment protocol that includes a balanced diet and routine fitness advice for the most successful results possible.

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