Women can experience lax vaginal skin caused by childbirth, hormonal changes, or aging, leading to decreased sensation and reduced sexual satisfaction. A woman may also experience self-consciousness about her genital appearance due to such changes. In the past, these concerns could only be addressed by invasive surgical intervention. Now there's ThermiVa, which provides a noninvasive alternative to surgery. If you've been dealing with any of these issues, the ThermiVa treatment may be a good option. Our team at the biostation invites you to learn more about this revolutionary treatment option, including how long the results from ThermiVa last.

What Are ThermiVa Treatments?

ThermiVa treatment was developed by Dr. Red Alinsod, a Laguna Beach, California, urogynecologist. Dr. Alinsod worked with Thermi Aesthetics, a global manufacturer of radio frequency technology, to develop the ThermiVa device. ThermiVa is an FDA-approved, noninvasive technology that rejuvenates labial and vaginal tissue. This vaginal rejuvenation helps restore your enjoyment of intercourse and treats urinary incontinence.

The treatment uses a small, thin, pencil-like wand that transmits radio frequency energy to tighten tissue. The treatment involves little-to-no pain. It's also noninvasive, nonhormonal, and nonsurgical and requires very little recovery time, making it ideal for many women.

What Conditions Do ThermiVa Treatments Address?

ThermiVa is FDA-approved for dermatologic conditions, including loose, insensitive, dry, and thin skin. These may all play a part in what is known as vulvovaginal laxity, loose tissues of the vulva and vagina, the primary condition that ThermiVa can treat effectively. This vulvovaginal laxity may be caused by trauma, childbirth, aging, or genetics. In all cases, it doesn't resolve on its own, and ThermiVa treatments can help treat the symptoms, no matter what causes the problem.

Though it may also combat vaginal tissue atrophy or vaginal dryness, it's not FDA-approved for those conditions. It's also not FDA-approved for orgasmic dysfunction, incontinence (a leaky bladder or rectum), or prolapse (a fallen bladder or rectum). Some of those conditions may require surgical intervention or other treatments. It's essential to seek medical attention so your doctor can determine what level of care you need for your specific condition.

How Long Do ThermiVa Treatment Results Last?

ThermiVa results last for about nine months to a year. It's highly recommended that patients repeat their treatment once every year to help maintain their results. Some patients also prolong the effects of ThermiVa by coming in for maintenance sessions periodically every couple of months or at the end of the year.

How Do ThermiVa Treatments Work?

ThermiVa uses radio frequency, which is temperature controlled, to rejuvenate the vaginal area and help improve its function. During the treatment, a slender probe delivers warmth at a comfortable level to labial, vulvar, and vaginal tissue. This S-shaped handheld tool uses a thermistor tip to control the heat supplied to the external and internal vulvovaginal tissue. This heat instantly shrinks and changes the structure of atrophied tissues, encouraging a gradual increase in collagen production. Collagen will continue to increase even after the treatment.

The ThermiVa treatment restores tissue tone and function, which results in vaginal tightening and increases local sensitivity. The tissue in and around the vagina also regenerates, helping with stress incontinence and urinary urgency issues. For complete results, patients will receive three 30-minute treatments, each spaced a month apart.

How Do ThermiVa Treatments Differ From Kegel Exercises?

Kegels are exercises performed by repetitively contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles to strengthen the pelvic floor. Doing these exercises may help prevent urinary incontinence. However, even when performed daily, Kegel exercises won't tighten the vaginal canal or labia. The other drawback to Kegel exercises is that you might get tired of doing them and stop altogether or not do them often enough for them to be effective.

ThermiVa is unlike Kegel exercises in that the treatment not only helps strengthen the pelvic floor but also tightens the vaginal canal and improves the appearance of the labia. There's nothing wrong with Kegel exercises, but they won't give you the same results as ThermiVa treatments. You may continue doing Kegel exercises after your ThermiVa treatments without causing yourself any harm.

Are ThermiVa Treatments Painful?

A ThermiVa treatment procedure is pain-free. It's a very comfortable procedure that most patients easily tolerate. It's performed on an outpatient basis in your physician's office and requires no anesthesia. This is a definite advantage over female cosmetic genital surgery, which is invasive, includes painful recovery time, requires post-surgery downtime, and has risks of complications.

Are You a Good Candidate for ThermiVa Treatments?

You're a good candidate for ThermiVa if you're experiencing loosening of vaginal tissue, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, reduced sexual satisfaction, or urinary leakage problems. ThermiVa is suitable for women of all ages. Women who've given birth need to wait until they're at least six weeks postpartum to undergo treatment.

ThermiVa addresses this vaginal laxity, helping to combat the experience of diminished sexual pleasure caused by the over-relaxation of vaginal muscles. There are also cosmetic benefits to ThermiVa treatments, as the vaginal rejuvenation it provides makes it an ideal way for women to address more pronounced or bulging labia. The results help restore a woman's confidence and make sex more pleasurable again.

Is There Any Downtime After ThermiVa Treatments?

There's no downtime after a ThermiVa treatment, nor any aftereffects. You can expect to resume all your normal activities immediately following your procedure. Directly after your treatment, you can return to work, run errands, and perform daily household activities.

How Soon After a ThermiVa Treatment Can You Expect To See Results?

Your visual results from a ThermiVa treatment will be noticeable immediately. Your functional results begin when you receive your first treatment but are optimal after your third treatment.

The team of anti-aging and wellness experts at the biostation can provide you with more information about ThermiVa and help you decide whether it's right for you. Please feel free to contact us to request a consultation. Call us at 561.462.4894 or request a consultation using our secure online form to get started. Our experts are redefining preventive health care as Florida's premier medical wellness and anti-aging practice.