As medicine has evolved over time, doctors finally realize that the practice goes beyond simply prescribing a medication based off a series of symptoms. Our health is much more complex than that. Today, we see that our bodies are an integrated system where one condition can have several root causes. Lasting relief and optimal health lie in addressing the entire person, rather than just the symptom. It demands a comprehensive approach to total wellness, which is the root of functional medicine.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine focuses on identifying the root cause of a concern to resolve any symptoms at their source. This highly-scientific and personalized approach treats the entire individual to develop a health-enhancing plan that leads to long-term wellness. Functional medicine stems from the belief that every health concern is due to a variety of unique personal factors, including:

• Lifestyle
• Genes
• Environment

It’s only by considering all of these elements that an effective diagnosis can be made for and total wellness can be achieved.

Branches of a Functional Medicine Approach
The features that make functional medicine so unique also make it quite appealing:
It’s All About You – It’s the epitome of personalized health care that supports your body’s natural healing processes, rather than just controlling your symptoms.

Patient-centered Care – Doctors spend time with you to listen to your personal story and consider how your lifestyle, genetics and environment may affect your long-term health.

The Cause is the Concern – Identifying and treating the root causes of your symptoms can help to resolve and prevent diseases.

Holistic Health Perspective – Your body is one integrated system, which calls for comprehensive diagnostic testing that looks at many factors to fully optimize your health.

Functional medicine is rooted in a comprehensive, personalized approach to total wellness. To discover how functional medicine can enhance both your health and your life, call the biostation™ today at 561-257-3497 or contact us online to schedule your private, personal consultation.