Erectile Dysfunction affects millions of men around the world. Studies show that 52% of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 have some degree of erectile dysfunction, and at least 1 in 10 men cannot get an erection at all (severe ED). ED can often be linked to low testosterone levels (Low T), especially in aging men. Fortunately, this frustrating issue can usually be easily treated with several treatment options at the biostation. Our male sexual health program includes Hormone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Therapy, ICI therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

ED Treatment to Get & Maintain Stronger Erections

Testosterone Levels

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Before any treatment for erectile dysfunction, your doctor should start by testing your testosterone levels. If your testosterone levels are low, you can begin taking extra testosterone to replace the hormones which have been lost. In addition, certain medications used in conjunction with hormone replacement therapy that can help increase the amount of testosterone absorbed by your body and improve effectiveness.

Physical Problems

If your testosterone levels appear to be normal, there may be physical factors causing a weak erection. These include poor blood circulation and damaged nerves in the penis which reduce sensitivity and make it impossible to sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse.

Intracavernousal injection therapy (ICI)

ICI is widely regarded as the most effective form of non-surgical ED treatment since the early 1980s. A combination of three medications are administered to the spongy muscle area of the penis to improve blood flow. The result is a longer-lasting, stronger erection, with or without stimulation. Speak to a sexual health expert today to learn more about this form of treatment.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Another popular and extremely effective treatment option for ED is platelet rich plasma which enhances natural regeneration of tissues and improves blood circulation to the penis. PRP therapy is a treatment that has shown positive results for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. At the biostation, our bRegenerative PRP sexual health therapy for him is performed by drawing the patient’s blood from their arm and placing it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma and platelets.

These concentrated platelets are then injected back into the penis in areas that appear to be weak. Platelets and plasma contain all of the natural growth factors that help your body build new tissue and repair damage. Your body will naturally go to work using these resources to restore health and vitality to the penis.

How PRP Helps Deliver Stronger Erections

Over time, PRP helps increase the thickness of the skin surrounding the penis, which improves appearance. It also helps regenerate nerves and blood vessels in the region for improved function and sensitivity. The injection begins working immediately and the added growth factors will continue to improve the treated area for several weeks. The results last for many months afterward.

bRegenerative PRP therapy at the biostation is a very promising treatment option for men who are looking for safe and natural solutions for erectile dysfunction. PRP is a simple outpatient procedure that can be completed in about an hour. Patients who have experienced a PRP treatment report little to no downtime and generally see improvements very quickly

ED Treatment in Boca Raton-Delray Beach

Contact the biostation for more information about our customizable men's sexual health treatment program including Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Testosterone Therapy, PRP and ICI. Sexual health patients of the biostation have the opportunity to become part of our comprehensive Total Wellness & Anti-Aging Program that includes HRT, individualized testing and medication customized for you, cutting-edge aesthetic procedures, and more.