The bustling city of Miami can consist of many neighborhoods with people passionate about staying healthy and eating nutritional meals. In areas such as Miami Beach, Wynwood, Midtown and Pinecrest, you'll notice opportunities to attend yoga classes, take a swim in the beach, and visit places to eat protein- and nutrient-filled meals that keep your heart healthy and energy levels high. Each of these restaurants offers appetizing options with appropriate portions that help support a healthier lifestyle.

These eateries in Miami are the top places to check out when you're ready to grab a bite of something that soothes your cravings while keeping your body looking and feeling great.

1. Love Life Cafe

Founded by a couple passionate about creating healthy and delicious plant-based meals, this cafe found in Wynwood is a great place for veggie lovers. Love Life Cafe has an abundance of menu items to fill any type of craving you may have. Take a veggie-filled bite of their Love Life Salad with kale, greens, garbanzo beans, and many other fresh ingredients.

If you're in the mood for more than a salad, they have a selection of pizzas, burritos, and even mac and cheese with home-made alfredo cheesy sauce. You should also try their "Best Veggie Burger in America" as declared by the Seed Food and Wine Festival in 2016. This burger uses a superfood patty and homemade guacamole to give it the ultimate healthy flavor.

2. Plnthouse

Inside the 1 Hotel, you'll find a hip and healthy plant-based cafe called Plnthouse, directly in the Miami Beach area. This is a great place to visit for brunch or if you're just craving breakfast foods. They offer a variety of dishes from vegan banana bread with brown sugar to acai bowls with fresh berries, house granola, and almond butter.

If you're ready for lunch, check out their healthy options like a Japanese-inspired ramen bowl with shiitake dashi, shiromiso, and vegan noodles. They don't stop at delicious foods, so try their many beverages like cold press juices or protein-packed smoothies. Some smoothie and juice options include the berry good smoothie with berries and vanilla vegan protein as well as a greenery juice with kale, cucumber, and celery.

3. Plant Miami

Known as one of the original plant-based restaurants in Miami, this simple yet vibrant restaurant offers numerous options for all veggie lovers. You'll find it tucked inside of a cozy Zen garden with an option to sit inside or outside on warm-weathered days. With their own farm about 45 minutes south of Miami, the owners of Plant Miami grow many of their ingredients for their unique recipes. Taste foods made from around 57 types of edible flowers and micro greens grown from their farm.

You'll also have a gorgeous view as you sit, eat, mingle, and gaze out at the reflecting pond, grove, and meditation garden. Try salads like the Som Tam Salad with green papaya, daikon, and sesame ginger dressing. Or you can taste a Latin-inspired dish, the Banana Leaf Tamale with aji amarillo, avocado, and sweet corn. When you're finished with your entree, there are many dessert options available for you to taste test. Try the seasonal fruit cake with fresh fruit and a nut crust or another dessert menu item, Beyond Matcha with matcha ice cream and chocolate sauce.

4. Icebox Cafe

This chic and popular cafe makes comfort food that is both nutritional and delicious. Whether you're looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or desserts, Icebox Cafe has it all. Enjoy guava-filled French toast with butterscotch sauce, or try their homemade granola with greek yogurt, chia seeds, and raw pumpkin seeds.

If you're searching for a refreshing drink to cool you down, order their fruit smoothies or juices. They also have green juices available to help you gain a hearty amount of veggies for the day. For lunch, start with a plate of buffalo cauliflower wings as a substitute for chicken wings. A popular entree is the gluten-free grilled flat iron steak served with chimichurri and pomme frites. Another great option is their Asian-inspired spicy-Thai style coconut soup with red Thai curry and shaved coconut.

When you're ready for dessert, dig into many flavorful treats like a three-layer carrot cake, deep-dish apple pie, or coconut buttercream cake. These sweets are so delicious that even Oprah Winfrey deemed the Icebox Cafe as one of her favorite dessert stops. When you're ready to wash the food down, try one of their specialty cocktails. These items include cucumber lemonade with Bombay Sapphire gin, as well as a Gran Horchata with brown sugar bourbon and cinnamon.

5. Planta South Beach

This is one of the newer restaurants located in the South Beach area. The chef at Planta puts a unique spin on vegan menus by offering classic menu items that are actually all plant-based. This includes dishes like the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which uses fried cauliflower as a substitute for chicken with carrots and daikon on a challah bun with Tajin fries. If you're in the mood for noodles, check out their Udon Noodles with truffle mushroom cream.

If you're a burger enthusiast, their Planta Burger could be exactly what you're searching for. It has queso, chipotle aioli, lettuce and tomatoes. Select one of their classic pizza options by trying their Frenchi pizza with mushrooms, squash, arugula, and cashew mozzarella.

If you're ready for a unique cuisine experience, head out to Planta in South Beach on Mondays to enjoy Maki Mondays with unlimited maki rolls and bottomless sakis ready for you to devour. Try their dragon roll with chicken-fried mushrooms, the JB roll with smoked carrot, tempura, and cream cheese or eat their sensei roll with green papaya and tofu.

6. Thatch

As one of the hottest new restaurants in Midtown, Thatch provides an uplifting menu and is committed to the highest quality ingredients and products. With energy-dense superfoods and local ingredients, everything on the menu is carefully curated with your body and the environment in mind. Thatch is 100% plant-based, and their food is made from scratch daily. From pizza to lo mein, Thatch takes a new and refreshing approach to each item on their menu. Even the bar menu is consciously put together with a wide array of organic, sustainable, biodynamic, and natural beverages.

Not only does Thatch offer a quality sit down experience, but Thatch also has a market with take home cleanse options. Whether you sit down for their contemporary, well-crafted dinner menu or visit the market for a quick protein bowl and espresso, visiting Thatch in Midtown, Miami is a must.

No matter where you decide to eat healthily in the Miami area, you can't go wrong with any of these delicious restaurant options. If you want to learn more about how to improve your wellness and find the healthiest nutrition-filled options for your body, call the biostation today at 561-257-6974 to learn more about our wellness programs.