Sexual enjoyment and confidence are paramount for both men and women. No matter how old you are, sex should be fun. Unfortunately, for many men and women, low libido and sexual dysfunction make intimacy difficult, unenjoyable or even painful.

Platelet rich plasma therapy, commonly referred to as PRP, has been helping many men and women regain their confidence and physical enjoyment and once again experience a rewarding, fulfilling sex life. This simple, non-surgical and groundbreaking therapy can completely change your sex life for the better.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy is a non-surgical procedure that uses your body’s own platelets to improve sexual function and increase confidence. Once blood is drawn, it is spun in an FDA-approved centrifuge to extract the beneficial platelets.

Those platelets are then injected into the body through the erogenous zones. Unlike many treatments for sexual dysfunction and low libido, PRP therapy can be done in a very short period of time, and many people return to work or simply go on with their day with little to no downtime.

The recovery time is very short and the effects are almost immediate for most people, with benefits that increase over time as newer, younger cells and tissue begin to rebuild.

Low Libido

Low libido or hypoactive sexual desire, as it is referred to in medical circles, is a common problem for both men and women. For many, it isn’t about being bored with their sex life or even their partner. It’s a physical issue, and one that often happens with age. The fact is that many people simply don’t enjoy sex because it doesn’t feel as good or as exciting as it once did. PRP therapy can help individuals suffering from low libido look forward to and desire sexual interaction on a more frequent basis.

Arousal in Women

There are many women who want to have sex with their partners and desire an active, stimulating sex life, but feel like something is blocking them from doing so. These women may even think that there is something wrong with them simply because sex doesn’t feel as good as they know it should, or that it used to.

The fact is that some women simply aren’t excited by sex because sensitivity may be greatly decreased for them. Through PRP therapy for women, sensitivity in the clitoris can be vastly improved.

Women that seek this treatment can experience more sexual arousal, better orgasms, and for some, the first orgasm of their lives.

Treating Female Orgasmic Disorder

Female orgasmic disorder, or the inability to climax during sex, isn’t an uncommon issue for women. Many women have simply given up on having orgasms during sex because of it.

Platelet rich plasma therapy can help improve sensitivity so much that many women report they have their first orgasm following therapy. Many women experience sex like never before after PRP injections.

Pain During Sex

Pain during sex is a serious problem for some women. It can be so problematic that many simply avoid sex altogether.

Platelet rich plasma can help treat pain during intercourse and also enhance arousal and improve vaginal dryness issues. With vastly decreased or eliminated pain, increased sexual confidence can result along with a new view of how sex can play a positive role in your life and your partner’s life.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be devastating for men who have enjoyed a healthy sex life in their younger years, but simply no longer have the ability to achieve or maintain an erection during sex. Men with prostate issues can also suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Sure, there are costly prescription medications that might help, but who wants to walk around with a pocket full of Viagra? Having to remember to pop a pill is no way to enjoy a healthy, spontaneous, satisfying sex life.

PRP therapy can naturally improve blood flow and increase circulation in the penis, helping men maintain firmer, stronger erections for a longer period of time. Many will even notice that they experience enhanced sensitivity and more sexual stamina after PRP therapy for men.

Penis Size

For many men, penis size is a real, or perceived, sexual issue. Even if their partners are perfectly happy with what they bring to the bedroom, some men worry about whether or not they measure up.

PRP therapy can help many men achieve a stronger erection, improve blood flow and even enhance their penis size. Some men reported gaining an inch or more in girth.

PRP at the biostation

Platelet Rich Plasma is a highly effective all-natural solution to improving sexual health issues. Contact the biostation to learn more about our individualized PRP therapy and how it can improve a low sex drive and treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women. No matter what your age, you could be enjoying the best sex of your life with the help of PRP.