In men, testosterone is a sex hormone that is responsible for the development of male characteristics at puberty and remains an essential hormone for maintaining optimal health throughout life. As a man ages, testosterone naturally starts to decline. Genetics, lifestyle, and health also all play a significant role in declining hormone levels. Some men in their early 30’s may start to notice symptoms of fatigue, aggressive weight gain, erectile dysfunction, or lose the ability to maintain lean muscle mass.

Symptoms of Low T

the biostation - Best Treatments for Low T: Symptoms

When a man’s testosterone supply declines too quickly or reaches a level that is too low, it can create a variety of frustrating symptoms.

Some symptoms of “Low T” may include:

  • Reduction in stamina and energy
  • Difficulty concentrating and problems with memory
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Depressed mood and difficulty regulating mood
  • Depleted bone mass
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Erectile dysfunction

Many men have resolved to live with the effects of low testosterone. But low testosterone is more than low energy, disturbed sleep and moodiness-it affects quality of life and can eventually significantly impair a man’s long term health.

Enhancing your testosterone the safe and easy way

A hormonal imbalance like low testosterone affects the whole body. Since testosterone naturally declines with age, at a certain point it becomes necessary to seek replacement therapy to restore hormones to their optimal levels in order to alleviate symptoms and prevent age related diseases. If you choose bioidentical hormone therapy and seek treatment with an experienced Functional Medicine doctor, HRT can be a very effective and safe solution to feeling better, looking younger and performing stronger.

the biostation - Best Treatments for Low T: Getting Help

Popular methods for treating Low T include:

  • Intramuscular Injection is the traditional delivery method for a patient to receive testosterone into the body quickly. Intramuscular injections produce rapid, long-lasting results. Injections may need to be administered every few weeks or once every few months depending on your needs.
  • Testosterone Pellet Therapy allows us to deliver testosterone via a pellet inserted under the skin (buttocks or hip). This is a quick procedure with virtually no discomfort or pain. The pellet releases a precise dosage of hormones for several months without any need for additional creams, injections, or prescriptions.
  • Topical testosterone gels are painless but not as convenient as other treatments and therapies. A man applies gel in certain specific areas around the body according to a doctor’s instructions. End results are comparable to other methods, but application into the blood stream may take more time and levels may not be as optimal throughout the treatment period as with pellet therapy.

Get fast, powerful relief and put Low T behind you for good

At the biostation, we offer a wide range of customizable bioidentical therapy options. Our experienced medical team will conduct advanced testing, meet with you for an in-depth personal consultation to evaluate your symptoms, then develop a customized, scientific protocol for testosterone therapy. At the biostation, you will receive only safe and effective bioidentical hormones. To learn more, contact us today.