How to Self Administer Intramuscular Injections

After you receive your medication from the biostation, watch this video for insights on how to self administer intramuscular injections.


Video Transcript


"Today we are going to talk about how to self-inject an intramuscular injection.

When you receive your testosterone at home it will have a safety cap on the vile. It will be plastic that will just flick off with the face of your thumb. You will need alcohol preps or if you have rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball that works just as well. You will receive in your package a syringe that has a needle attached to it. You will also receive a 23 gauge needle. The needle that is attached to the syringe will be the one to draw up the medication into the syringe.

Whereas the needle that comes separately will be the one that you inject into your skin. Open the package from the top. Retrieve the syringe. You will need to secure the needle onto the syringe, oftentimes they are loose. Take your rubbing alcohol, or alcohol pad, and wipe the top for three seconds. This ensures that there's no bacteria that enters the vile when we put the needle in.

Now remove the cap. I'm going to be withdrawing one cc or one Milliliter of fluid today. So I will measure out one-milliliter of air. Place the needle into the center of the bottle into the middle ring. Enter the air and now I will be able to withdraw the liquid without any resistance. Once I have reached my desired dose I will check to make sure there aren't any bubbles in the fluid. If there are, you can lightly hold the syringe with two fingers and tap. This will cause the bubbles to rise to the top.

Carefully move the needle from the bottle. You will now change needles. Recap this needle. The best way to do this is by scooping up the cap with the tip of the needle. That will ensure that you do not poke yourself and try to do it manually. Twist this needle off, and that can be now discard it into a proper sharps container. It'll open up the injectable needle. Twist it on and you're ready to give your injection.

With your legs crossed, the side that you will be doing your rejection will be facing up. Make sure that the leg is completely crossed over the other leg and the hip is toward the ceiling, so that you're completely relaxed in the top gluteus. If your hand was in your back pocket your thumb would land in this area. Take your alcohol prep, remove the cap from the needle make, sure you have a right angle to your skin, about one inch away from the surface of the skin, and gently, but in one motion inject the needle into the skin. Make sure the needle is completely in so that the barrel of the syringe is close to your skin. Secure the syringe with your opposite hand.

Take your fingers to the top of the syringe, press the plunger down with your thumb, release your fingers at the bottom, and in one swift motion remove the needle. You will then take your gauze, and place it over the injection site, and rub gently."

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