The 5 phases of hormone replacement therapy at the biostation

Discover how the biostation™ delivers comprehensive care through our 5-phase assessment and treatment plan for hormonal imbalance.

199-PPO-insurance4 The search for balance is at the very heart of everything you pursue. It is the very epicenter of success for any ecosystem. If even the most intricate member of a system is lost or failing, the system slowly begins to crumble. Your health is one ecosystem that is heavily dependent upon a million intricacies working in succinct stride with one another. If one aspect—like testosterone—falls out of sync, you may begin to experience a steady deterioration of wellbeing. Low energy, sleepless nights, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, hot flashes, night sweats… the list could go one forever. The bottom line: You don’t feel like yourself.

The only solution is to restore balance—a concept that seems so simple, but is actually quite complex. Well, at least too complex to go at it alone. That’s why the biostation offers a 5-phase plan for assessing and treating your body’s imbalances. We can help you get to the heart of the matter, uncovering where the imbalance began and which systems have been affected. Together, we can develop a treatment plan to restore balance, repair your health and revitalize your life.

blood-icon1 Phase 1: The performance panel blood test

The first step to solving any problem is to thoroughly assess every aspect of the situation. Assessing the current state of your health is Phase 1 of your treatment plan. At the biostation, we offer the performance panel blood test, a state-of-the-art diagnostic test that measures vital aspects of your health, assessing function and efficiency to help us determine the root cause of the issue and the best course of treatment for you and your specific health needs.

consultation-icon1 Phase 2: Physical exam and consultation, featuring the bioID

bioID-image2 Even the most advanced testing isn’t worth much without expert review by a specially-trained physician. Lab testing is an essential first step, but your symptoms, medical history and changes to your quality of life play a significant role in finding a solution that not only restores your health, but matches your lifestyle and wellness goals. That’s why Phase 2 of your treatment plan at the biostation is an exam and consultation with Dr. Martin Bloom, the Medical Director of the biostation and an expert physician specializing in hormone health.

Upon completion of your consultation, you will receive your bioID™. Your bioID shows you the specific biomarkers that have been identified as a concern are will be a central focus in developing your tailored treatment plan. Your bioID is as unique as you are, meaning your path to optimal wellness at the biostation is designed just for you.

program-icon1 Phase 3: Your hormone replacement therapy program

hrt-program400It’s inevitable – your hormones will fluctuate as you age. For both men and women hormonal fluctuations are a natural part of the lifespan, however in the later stages of life, hormonal imbalances can impair the function of your body, leading to uncomfortable symptoms and potentially disease.

Phase 3 of your treatment plan at the biostation is hormone restoration. Hormonal balance is often achieved through hormone replacement therapy (HRT), testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), balanced nutrition and lifestyle changes, such as stress management, sleep regimens and routine exercise.

Hormone replacement therapy can address hormonal imbalances that significantly impact your health and quality of life. For example, low testosterone can affect weight management, sex drive and moodiness in both men and women. While low progesterone or too much estrogen can cause sleep disturbances.

Hormone replacement therapy plans must be carefully orchestrated by an expert physician who specializes in hormones and hormone therapy. At the biostation, our medical specialists will use your bioID and the results of your exam and consultation with Dr. Bloom to develop a multi-tiered treatment plan that targets your imbalances, restores function, addresses your symptoms and ultimately leads to you looking and feeling your very best once again. Just some of the benefits of our hormone replacement therapy treatment plans include:

  • Increased energy
  • Better stamina
  • Improved lean body mass
  • Boosted libido
  • Better sleep
  • Stabilized moods
  • Reduced body fat
  • And more…

vitamins-icon1 Phase 4: Vitamins and micronutrients

metabolic_health Achieving balance requires a multifaceted approach, hormone replacement therapy is not effective if you don’t also address your body’s nutritional needs. Vitamins and minerals work with hormones to ensure your body systems function optimally.

Nutrient deficiencies must also be corrected to achieve total wellness. Nutraceutical therapies, like targeted supplements and nutrient IV therapy, can help you reach your wellness goals, not only for optimal function, but to fight environmental damage and enhance performance.

The busy and active lifestyles of the modern world lead to toxic exposures – many well beyond your control. That’s why you need to maximize your body’s defense system with nutraceutical therapies. Phase 4 of your treatment plan at the biostation focuses on the nutritional imbalances unveiled on your bioID.

Through customized regimens of pharmaceutical-grade, high performance multi-vitamins and essential amino acids, our medical specialists will ensure your nutrient levels match your health and performance goals.

follow-icon Phase 5: Follow-up and tracking

Success is rarely achieved alone. We will be with you every step of the way, helping you assess your progress, make adjustments as needed and cheering you as you reach milestones in your plan. Phase 5 is all about making sure you are on the right path to feeling your very best every day.

At the biostation, our Patient Advocates are there to ensure get the most out your treatment plans. Your Patient Advocate can answer your questions and guide you through managing your new healthy lifestyle regimen.
Our patients report that this 5-star level of care—including access to a dedicated Patient Advocate—maximizes the benefits and drives the most successful results when it comes to achieving your health and quality of life goals.

Don’t let your age define your life. Defy your age with hormone replacement therapy at the biostation. You can contact us online or visit our Delray Beach location.