Mandy Brown, a Senior Medical Aesthetician at Anne Hermann, M.D. began her career and discovered her talents as a student of nursing which quickly transitioned into aesthetics.

She became popular by establishing herself as a make-up artist for runway shows, and theatre productions produced by students. It was then that she discovered a passion for transforming and brightening the lives of many by using her talent as an aesthetician and make-up artist. Her passion for finding the beauty in everyone sparked a career in cosmetic artistry and esthetics. Her career as a medical aesthetician has added to her skill as a professional make-up artist by giving her the ability to fully understand the science of beauty. She has worked with well-known make-up and clinical skin care products as well as instructing students at various institutes.

Mandy’s experience will improve the appearance and texture of the skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles while repairing collagen and elastin, but mostly maintain you to look and feel better.

“By working in a medical setting I’m able to offer the latest technologies and innovations in skin care, and my patients will be confident knowing the right choices are being made for the right treatment or procedure.”

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