hormone replacement therapy for menopause

Menopause (and its side effects) are an inevitable part of aging, but no one has to live with the ongoing battle against uncomfortable symptoms that diminish health or quality of life. Women can find relief from the symptoms of menopause with HRT. Restoring balance to your hormone levels can minimize or even reverse the symptoms of menopause.

tips for managing your menopause symptoms

Menopausal symptoms can cause discomfort, but it is manageable. Aside from available treatments for it, lifestyle changes can mitigate the symptoms. Do you wish to feel relief from the discomfort brought about by the menopausal symptoms you are experiencing?

Tips for Each Menopause Symptom:

Hot Flashes ×

Many things can trigger hot flashes, including caffeine, alcohol, a hot room, or stress. When you experience it, take slow deep breaths to cool you down.

Night Sweats ×

If you find yourself drenched in sweat every night, switch to light, cottony clothing — trade the heavy flannels for light pajamas.

Restful Sleep ×

To help you sleep, try yoga, tai chi, and meditation. Instead of drinking alcohol before bedtime, sip a decaf warm tea instead.

Vaginal Lubricants ×

Hormone changes leave the vagina thinner and dryer, which can make sex painful. Try nonprescription, water-based vaginal lubricants, or vaginal moisturizer. You can also consider a treatment like ThermiVa that uses radiofrequency to promote collagen production.

Fatigue ×

You will feel fatigued as you go through menopause. Take a few minutes a day to just breathe. Find a relaxing spot where you can be alone for a little while to reflect. Take time to notice your breathing, each breath, in and out.

Weight Gain ×

The change in your hormone levels can lead to weight gain. Be mindful of what you eat. Try eating more high-quality protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and some fruit.

Hair Loss ×

If you notice that you are beginning to lose handfuls of hair, take more vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B (especially B6 and B12), C, D, and E, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, and fish oil with essential fatty acids.

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The truth is, yes, conditions of hormone imbalance, like menopause, are an inevitable part of aging, but no one has to live with the ongoing battle against uncomfortable symptoms that diminish health or quality of life. By regaining the proper balance between the body’s hormones, you can maintain greater vitality and well-being at almost any age. Check out our latest e-book for more on hormone Replacement Therapy, plus learn about the proprietary approach we take at the biostation™ to ensure your wellness goals are met.

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