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At the biostation, we're committed to helping everyone live their best life every day. Hormone imbalances can lead to low energy, sexual dysfunction, sleepless nights, and much more. Restoring balance can get you well on the way to feeling like your true self again. Our detailed and personalized approach creates a comprehensive and individualized therapy plan tailored to your unique needs and wellness goals.

The cost for our comprehensive program is $499 and may be less with qualifying insurance. The Total Wellness program fee includes every step in our detailed process along with on-going monitoring with your medical team at no additional charge.

  • Dedicated Patient Advocate
  • Performance Blood Panel
  • Your bioID
  • In-depth Provider Consultation
  • Continued Monitoring
  • InBody Composition Test

the process explained

Step 1 - Dedicated Patient Advocate ×

Once you enter our practice, you will be assigned to your personal Patient Advocate. Your Patient Advocate (PA) will be your point of contact for scheduling appointments, reviewing medical recommendations, ordering prescriptions and connecting you with your medical provider for on-going treatment reviews. Whatever you need, they're your go-to person and will be with you during every step of your wellness journey.

Step 2: Performance Panel Blood Test ×

The Performance Blood Panel test is the foundation of many of the services offered at the biostation. Before determining the right course of treatment for your individual needs, we will pinpoint the root of the problem you are experiencing. 

Our in-depth test goes beyond what your standard blood test covers and delves into more than 100 biomarkers to measure:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Hormones
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Inflammation
  • Metabolism
  • Minerals
  • Nutrients
  • Reproductive and sexual health
  • Thyroid health
  • And more

By measuring these vital aspects of your health, we can gain an understanding of the cause of the issue to determine the best next steps in your treatment plan.

Step 3: In-depth Provider Consultation ×

The diagnostic testing is an essential first step, but it is not the only aspect we look at to determine the ideal treatment plan for your unique needs. Next, a medical provider will review your test results and discuss your health history and any symptoms you are experiencing. Your medical history, symptoms, and any quality-of-life changes you experience are just as important as lab results to getting to the root cause and finding a solution.

For example, testosterone replacement therapy may be used to treat men after they receive a definitive diagnosis of hypogonadism. This condition is characterized by low blood levels of testosterone as well as clinical symptoms of a deficiency. A man must have both low blood concentrations of testosterone and these clinical symptoms in order to receive a definitive diagnosis, so our physical exam and consultation is a key aspect in determining proper diagnosis and next steps in these cases.

Our treatment plans don't just restore your health. Our solutions are designed to match your lifestyle and wellness goals, too. That's why this part of your treatment journey includes a consultation with one of the biostation's medical providers.  All of our providers are uniquely suited to analyze the results of your blood test and health history to determine the best course of treatment  that will help to improve your health and achieve your wellness goals.

Step 4: Inbody Composition Test ×

The InBody Test, a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water. An InBody Test can take anywhere from 15-120 seconds and is used as a benchmark to track your progress. The InBody is available at all of the biostation's locations and available for our patients to use anytime.

Step 5: Your bioID and personalized plan review ×

After your consultation, you will receive a full recap and personalized plan of the recommendations that you discussed with your medical provider. This plan is referred to as your bioID. The results of your bloodwork along with a recommended treatment plan will be laid out in an easy-to-follow format that your Patient Advocate will go over with you in detail and answer any questions you have.


Step 5: Continued Monitoring ×

Your journey to health doesn't end there. As you continue treatment, we'll be there to assess your progress, make any necessary adjustments, and cheer with you as you achieve your milestone goals on the path to health. Your Patient Advocate and Medical Team is here to answer your questions and help support you as you learn how to follow your new regimen for healthy living.

Our individualized, scientific approach to health can get you on the path to total wellness. Contact us today to get started.

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