The Blueprint Nutrition Manual

Take control of your relationship with food.

80+ Pages of nutritional information
50+ Pages of nutrition science and advice
40+ Recipes and snack ideas

Written by a renowned Integrative Cardiologist and a Registered Dietitian & Olympic Athlete

You need a healthy eating plan that reduces your risk of disease, raises your energy levels, supports your workouts, complements your supplement regimen, and helps you reach all your goals.

That’s why medical director Martin G. Bloom M.D. designed the biostation blueprint. This is a 81-page template you need to maintain a healthy relationship with food, and take you to the next level to achieve optimal health and wellness.

the biostation blueprint will provide you with the tools you need to:

  • Change your relationship with food
  • Revolutionize current eating habits to reduce your risk of disease
  • Accomplish your health and wellness goals

Included in this heart-healthy blueprint are the following tools:

  • A guide – to good foods and bad foods
  • A shopping list – to make food shopping a breeze
  • A manual – for the perfect plate to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need in a meal without going hungry
  • A self-assessment – to help you understand where you stand and where you need to be
  • Tips – for going beyond the blueprint to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Over 30 delicious recipes – to keep you on track
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