our performance blood panel includes the following:

Advanced cholesterol and cardiovascular health

Traditional testing typically only observes three markers of cholesterol and cardiac health: HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. the biostation panel goes far beyond these factors to show important markers of early risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Advanced sex hormones

Sub-optimal hormone levels in men and women can lead to advanced signs of aging and the development of many age-related diseases. Additionally, muscle growth, fat storage, mood, and sexual desire are all closely linked to adequate levels of such hormones as DHEA, free and bound testosterone, estradiol, and sex hormone-binding globulin.

Advanced thyroid and blood sugar

Your thyroid, often minimized, is a major player in the function of your metabolism and has an impact on your weight, energy levels, cognitive function and well-being. Most doctors only test for certain thyroid hormones. Our panel includes complete hormone + antibody tests.

Metabolic and growth hormones

Chronic stress or impaired metabolic function can literally destroy basic functioning, leading to low energy, weight gain, muscle loss, and increased fat stores. Testing cortisol, IGF-1, and insulin levels gives you the information to help you gain control of your metabolism.

Advanced inflammation

Systemic inflammation is a notorious culprit of the development of chronic disease. Early detection and treatment can substantially alter healthy outcomes.

Liver and kidney health

The liver and kidneys filter the onslaught of toxins your body faces each day. Poor function and diminished organ health can contribute to chronic disease, weight gain, weight loss, incessant fatigue, and more. This test measures five markers of disease for the liver and kidneys.

Complete blood count and advanced nutrients

The delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body is essential to all cells and tissues in the body. This panel assesses your blood and nutrient levels.

Reproductive panel

Specific hormone biomarkers assess fertility and total function of your reproductive health and related hormones.

Bone health

Bone health is essential to lifelong health and general quality of life. Calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin D work together to repair and maintain the bones. Assessment of these minerals and vitamin is necessary to protect your skeletal health.

Tumor markers

An assessment of PSA levels is used to determine risk of prostate cancer.

your roadmap to optimal health

One of the best indicators of what’s going on inside your body is diagnostic blood work. A diagnostic blood panel provides the insight we need to tell you where you are and what changes you should make to optimize your health and wellbeing.

Our specialized test of over 40 biomarkers precisely measures levels of inflammation, hormones, cardiovascular health, thyroid, reproductive and sexual health, liver and kidney function, metabolism, nutrients, minerals, and more.

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