platelet rich plasma (prp) for hair

This non-surgical hair restoration solution is effective for both male and female pattern hair loss. PRP helps your own hair follicles become larger and healthier, giving you a thicker, fuller head of hair–naturally.

prp therapy is a natural, effective hair restoration solution

As we age, our hair follicles often become miniaturized, resulting in hair that’s thin, weak, and slow or unable to regrow. The application of PRP causes miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and larger, producing more robust natural hair growth. PRP activates follicular progenitor cells (adult stem cells) and PRP is loaded with growth factors that promote rapid development of new blood vessels and localized cell growth.

The treatment of PRP is relatively simple and can be completed in about 90 minutes. We collect the PRP by drawing a small amount of your blood, putting it into an FDA cleared device, placing it in a centrifuge, and spinning it until the platelets separate from the blood. PRP contains active growth factors that can promote hair growth. Helping to restore confidence, the end result is a fuller, healthier-looking head of hair.

PRP works best for patients with hair loss in the last five years or less.

benefits of prp for hair may include:

  • Simple, safe, non-surgical procedure
  • Quick recovery period
  • Thicker, fuller, stronger hair
  • Regenerative benefits
  • Beautiful, natural-looking end results

how does this revolutionary treatment work?

PRP is actually blood plasma containing a concentrated amount of platelets and other vital growth factors. The platelets are the most important part of this procedure, these are what contain growth factors and bioactive and signaling proteins. The bioactive, or healing proteins, are what begin to repair and regenerate tissue. This is especially effective in stimulating healing, as well as developing new blood vessels and acting as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. The signaling proteins actually call stem cells to the desired area to assist in the regeneration of your tissues. PRP is highly beneficial for increasing hair growth by stimulating and revitalizing the body’s own follicles so that they become larger and healthier, and able to naturally grow hair that’s thick, full and more vibrant.

what to expect with prp treatment

PRP is a non-surgical hair restoration solution for both male and female with hair loss. Platelet Rich Plasma is a regenerative therapy, meaning that the benefits are cumulative over time. PRP helps your own hair follicles become larger and healthier, giving you thicker, fuller hair. During your complimentary consultation, our practitioner will provide recommendations for optimal hair restoration. During your PRP treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn and then placed into a centrifuge. This process releases natural growth factors in the blood platelets. The processed blood is injected back into areas of concern to encourage blood flow and new collagen production. PRP hair restoration is typically 3 treatments a year, spacing the treatments out every 2-3 months. Our practitioner may recommend Amniofix for longer lasting results during your treatment, this will be discussed in your initial consultation. Patients should start seeing results around 2 months. To achieve full results, be sure to keep any follow-up appointments in your treatment series.


  1. Thoroughly wash and rinse your hair.
  2. Discontinue blood thinning agents such as vitamin E, A, Ginko, Garlic, Flax and essential fatty acids at least one week before treatment.
  3. It is recommended to stop taking multivitamins 48-72 hours before your procedure. It is fine to continue iron and vitamin D supplements.
  4. Blood thinners, including alcohol, increase chances and severity of bruising, so it’s recommended to avoid them for at least 24-48 hours before treatment. If you are particularly prone to bruising, it may be wise to wait a couple of days to give your skin more time heal before drinking.
  5. Avoid the use of NSAIDs for one week (Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc.) and other anti-inflammatory medications for three days before your treatment. You make take Tylenol for any pain.


  1. Avoid heat and exertion.
  2. Stay out of the sun and wear a protective hat for 2 days following treatment.
  3. Avoid showering for 4-6 hours and use lukewarm water.
  4. If experiencing pain, take Tylenol and avoid the use of NSAIDs for one week (Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc.) and other anti-inflammatory medications.
  5. Use Paraben and Sulfate-free shampoo.

prp hair restoration - faqs

How long does this treatment take? ×

The treatment of PRP can be completed in about 90 minutes.

Is PRP safe? ×

PRP is a safe and natural treatment method.

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