Learn The Advantages Of Testosterone Pellet Therapy Delray Beach

Testosterone Pellet Therapy Delray Beach uses hormone pellets the size of a tiny rice grain. It is inserted underneath the skin the hip area. Each pellet is created by a compounding pharmacy and sent to our medical facility in sterile glass jars.

  • Hormone pellet therapy introduces steadier levels of hormones into the body. The pellets release small doses of bioidentical hormones over the course of a few months, helping the patient avoid roller coaster of side effects.
  • Hormone pellet therapy is very convenient. The pellets are inserted into the body every 4-6 months so there is no need to return to the doctor every time.
  • Hormone pellet therapy is safe. Bioidentical Hormone pellets are comprised of pure bioidentical hormones. There are no additives, fillers or other products included.


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