Keith brings 20+ years of knowledge and experience in functional medicine and hormone replacement therapy to the biostation, where he established the foundation for success for the practice and its patients. As co-founder, Keith’s belief in a patient-centric approach to wellness has proven so successful for the biostation that it has led to the growth of the organization from one location in 2013 to a total of six in 2021 and more on the horizon.

After studying business management at Lynn University, Keith leveraged his business acumen combined with his passion for health and wellness and began working with multiple doctors to enhance their patient care and patient satisfaction programs. Keith’s journey into the anti-aging business began in pharmaceutical sales specializing in functional medicine. From there, his vision of bringing a level of concierge-care to wellness led him to open his own company, where he partnered with physicians nationwide to develop a 24/7 accessibility program to ensure better patient experiences.

In April 2013, his patient-centric focus led Keith to partner with Ross Bloom and Martin G. Bloom, M.D. to launch the biostation in Delray Beach with the mission of improving patient care at every touchpoint in their healthcare journey. Today, Keith’s passion for helping patients achieve their health goals makes him an inspirational leader who guides multiple physicians and a team of patient advocates who are intimately involved in patient care. His commitment to caring extends beyond the biostation as a dedicated father of four who always enjoys a good game of basketball.

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