Elyse Martinez holds a degree in Business Management with a minor in Health Administration from FAU, providing her with a strong foundation for her career. During her college years, she gained valuable experience in the service industry, refining her work ethic and communication skills. Following graduation, Elyse ventured into the pharmaceutical supplement industry, establishing a solid groundwork for her current profession.
Beyond her professional life, Elyse's passion revolves around family, sports, and adventure – she enjoys watching her nieces and nephew learn and excel in the sports they love. She will even dust off her own cleats and play in leagues, and more recently has joined the coaching world where she proudly coaches girls' flag football at Spanish River High School, where she too played and graduated. Possessing an adventurous spirit, Elyse eagerly embraces new experiences and welcomes challenges with open arms. Elyse can’t wait for the day she can witness the Miami Dolphins in a Super Bowl (February 11th, 2024).

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