Menopause Midtown Miami: What Causes Menopause?

When we say that a woman is already menopausal, this means that her ovaries have stopped producing estrogen. This is a normal biological process that signals the end of a woman’s reproductive period. Here is a look at the causes of early menopause:

  • Surgical menopause – Women who have undergone removal of the uterus can result to an early stoppage of period.
  • Cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy – Women who were exposed to radiation and chemotherapy may experience early onset of menopause.
  • Infections – Tuberculosis, mumps, malaria, chickenpox, shingles, dysentery are infections that can trigger early menopause.
  • Certain diseases – There are diseases and disorders that can cause early menopause. These include hypothyroidism or underactive thyroids, Turner syndrome, Addison’s disease and Down’s syndrome.

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