Informed Consent for Treatment I, the undersigned, consent to all nutrient injections rendered by the doctors, medical assistants or nurses employed by or associated with the biostation. I understand that there are risks to vitamin nutrient injections including but not limited to pain, bruising, inflammation, injury, infection, allergic reactions, headaches, dry mouth, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, blurred vision, unpleasant taste, increased urination, cramps, and metabolic disturbances. I do not expect the persons employed or associated with the biostation to anticipate and or explain all risk and possible complications. I hereby release the doctors at the biostation from all liabilities regarding my treatment with vitamin/nutrient injections. I understand that nutrient injections may not be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of my medical condition.

I hereby authorize BioMedical Health, LLC, its advertising agencies and/or those persons who develop or author its promotional material to use any text, images, video or other material that truthfully depicts, quotes or is otherwise attributable to me with respect to the treatment and or therapy I have received from BioMedical Health, LLC.

Social Media: the biostation has the right to request the removal of biostation-related content shared on social media.

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