specialty diagnostic testing: getting to the root cause

In addition to our in-depth performance panel testing, we also offer additional specialty tests to address certain symptoms.

Our medical team will advise on what tests are right for you, so that you can get to the bottom of your symptoms and start feeling your best.

some of the speciality tests we offer include:

FIT 132 Food Sensitivity

The FIT Test is a patented, multi-pathway delayed food sensitivity test. The test uses new technology that measures both IgG and Immune Complexes, the most common food-related pathways in the body. The FIT Test measures sensitivities of up to 132 different foods and additives spanning all major food groups. Food elimination based on the FIT Test results will help reduce food-related symptoms you may be experiencing.

FIT 22 Food Sensitivity

This test evaluates 22 of the most common food sensitivities tested on the FIT 132 test. The test measures IgG and Immune Complexes the same way the FIT 132 test does.The test is run using a blood sample obtained from a finger prick. The test requires one blood spot at a minimum, but more are preferred.

Zonulin Leaky Gut Indicator

This test measures the permeability of the intestinal wall. Elevated Zonulin levels indicate the presence of leaky gut, which prevents the intestines from functioning properly. If left untreated, elevated Zonulin can lead to various diseases including Autoimmune Disease, Celiac Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and IBS.

NutrEval FMV®

This test is both a blood and urine test that evaluates over 125 biomarkers and assesses the body's functional need for 40 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, and other select nutrients. Personalized recommendations for nutrients are determined by using an algorithm based on the patient's test findings.

The GI Effects® Comprehensive Stool Profile

A group of advanced stool tests that provide immediate, actionable clinical information for the management of gastrointestinal health. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and biomarkers, this profile offers valuable insight into digestive function, intestinal inflammation, and the intestinal microbiome.


The Metabolomix+ is a unique combination of nutritional tests that provides an analysis of key nutritional biomarkers. A first morning void (FMV) urine collection, with optional add-on bloodspot finger stick and buccal swab, the Metabolomix+ nutritional test is a non-invasive, patient-friendly way to assess the functional need for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support, fatty acids, and amino acids. Insights gained from the Metabolomix+ nutritional test allows clinicians to target nutritional therapies to the precise needs of their patients.

Menstrual Cycle Mapping

This testing is ideal for cycling women who are interested in knowing key hormone levels throughout the month - either as a way of getting to the root of difficult menstrual symptoms, assessing cases of PMS/PMDD or learning more about their fertility.
This testing is not designed for women who are on birth control, supplementing with hormones or post menopausal.

Rhythm Plus™

A hormone test is a comprehensive salivary assessment of estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone that spans a full 28 days. Additionally, this hormone testing profile includes the Adrenocortex Stress Profile and the Comprehensive Melatonin Profile to reveal how the sex hormones are influenced by cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin. Hormonal balance is the key. Fluctuating levels of estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone play a major role in a woman's overall health. Rhythm Plus is a hormonal test indicated for both premenopausal and perimenopausal women not currently supplementing with hormones.

Urine Metabolites

Instead of analyzing a snapshot of a patient’s total hormone level at a moment in time with blood, or over a 15 minute period with saliva, urine testing throughout the day presents a larger picture to the physician of a patient’s overall hormone balance.
In addition, urine is the only matrix and testing method known to accurately quantify primary estrogen levels, as well as secondary estrogen metabolites when monitoring estrogen therapy, as well as, phase 1 and 2 detoxification of estrogen. This feature alone, allows unparalleled assessment of estrogen levels, while monitoring the relative risk of estrogen-sensitive tissue damage.

Heavy Metals Testing

Analysis of the levels of toxic metals in urine after the administration of a metal detoxification agent is an objective way to evaluate the accumulation of toxic metals. Acute metal poisoning is rare. More common, however, is a chronic, low-level exposure to toxic metals that can result in significant retention in the body that can be associated with a vast array of adverse health effects and chronic disease.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

The Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19 IgG/IgM) is a blood test that determines if your body has developed antibodies necessary to help fight off the Coronavirus. Testing is done through best-in-class CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited labs.

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