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testosterone-e-book Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing weaker. By regaining the proper balance between testosterone and the body’s other hormones, you can maintain greater vitality and well-being at almost any age. Not just a sex hormone, testosterone impacts health throughout your entire body, including the heart and brain. But, everyone’s needs are different. Check out our latest e-book for more on Testosterone Replacement Therapy, plus learn about the proprietary approach we take at the biostation™ to ensure your wellness goals are met.

Testosterone overview

  • The role of testosterone in men
  • The loss of testosterone as we age

Understanding andropause

  • Physical symptoms
  • Psychological symptoms
  • Disease risks

How TRT helps

  • Fighting disease
  • Alleviating the symptoms of andropause

What TRT can do for you

  • How testosterone works
  • Restoring youthful vitality

Why more men don’t seek treatmentCountering the controversy around TRTRestoring your proper hormone balance

  • The importance of hormones to health
  • What hormones we test

Finding the best TRT treatment for you

  • Pills, Injections, Gels and Creams, Implants

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