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Testosterone replacement therapy has grown in popularity over the years as advancement in medicine has give way to many treatments helping men to cope with aging. TRT Edgewater (testosterone replacement therapy) specifically deals with testosterone levels and how to boost it. When a man is testosterone deficient, whether it be due to aging or some other causes, he will experience symptoms that might affect him physically and emotionally.

The normal level of testosterone in the body ranges between 300 and 1000 nanograms per deciliter. Anything below this qualifies a person as low in testosterone and therefore, eligible for TRT Edgewater treatments. There are different methods as to how testosterone could be delivered to the body. It could be through oral therapy (pills and dissolving strips), topical (gels and creams), or through implants (pellets). If you want to know the treatment best suited for you, better talk to the experts.

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Your health is the most valuable thing you have. Traditional doctors tend to only test for a handful of basic health markers, and rely on outdated models of normal vs. optimal levels. We are lucky if we are able to spend a few minutes of face to face time with our doctor and any symptoms are either ignored or treated with pharmaceuticals with risky side effects. For your health needs, the biostation offers TRT Edgewater treatments for men.

At the biostation, our mission is to redefine healthcare at every touchpoint. From our state of the art medical facility, to advanced diagnostic testing, to our world-class medical team led by two full time doctors, you can be confident that patient care, success, safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our distinctly personalized approach to wellness starts with our advanced testing and in depth personal consultations with one of our experienced doctors. Our goal is to identify the root cause of any issues to help you heal and restore your body to its peak performance, alleviate symptoms and reverse the effects of aging.

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If you are experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of having low testosterone, you will be happy to know that you have safe treatment options. With a simple blood test a doctor can determine whether or not the patient’s hormone levels are a cause for concern and whether or not the patient is a candidate for therapy. If you want to know more about TRT Edgewater treatments, feel free to call the biostation now.

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