What to Expect after Thermiva

Thermiva delivers visible results even after the first session, but for maximum results, women have to complete three sessions and have at least once or twice maintenance sessions per year. Those who had undergone the procedure may resume their daily activities right away with no discomforts and restrictions. However, if there is spotting episode, which is not really common, swimming or hot tub baths should be avoided.

Some patients reported they felt vaginal tightness right after the first session as well as incontinence and dryness. These symptoms are temporary and will get better in time. Mild cramping may also be experienced, but should be resolved within 24 hours.

Sexual activity may be resumed right away as long as there is no abnormal spotting. Expect discharges that may be due to the gel used during the procedure. If there are any other unusual discharges, report to the doctor right away.

Vaginal elasticity may not be visible after the first session, but patients can expect maximum results after the third treatment. It is important to understand though that Thermiva does not guarantee lifelong results. With this, touch-up sessions are required.  Schedule your much-needed Thermiva at Biostation today!


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