Testosterone Booster Delray Beach: What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in the growth and development of sexual male characteristics. It is produced in a male’s testes and in the adrenal glands. Before you seek the right Testosterone Booster Delray Beach treatment for you, here is a look at the functions of this hormone:

  • It is responsible for the “brain masculinization” in infant boys.
  • Testosterone is connected to the appearance of pubic hair, axillary hair, and hair on the upper lips.
  • A surge in testosterone production in men during adolescence makes their voice deeper in pitch, makes their facial features more defined, increases muscle bulk, makes shoulders broader.
  • In adulthood, testosterone regulates normal sperm development.
  • Normal levels of testosterone is needed to maintain an active sexual desire in men.
  • Testosterone increases energy metabolism so they could shed extra pounds.


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