Darrell Noonan, RNregistered nurse

    about me: What I love about the biostation is the 100% no-stress environment. As you can imagine it is the complete opposite of working in the ER. Because my job there is so stressful, I try to completely relax on the weekends by spending time outdoors with my family. Also, I used to work at a music studio, and actually went to school for audio engineering, so I love listening to music as a way to keep calm.

    bio: In addition to his time at the biostation, Darrell works as an R.N. in the Emergency Room at Broward Health Medical Center. He started out as a Paramedic in the same ER 5 years ago, and realized he truly loved helping people. This inspired him to continue his medical education and get his nursing degree. Darrell’s calm demeanor and ability to stay balanced and focused, even in a high stress environment, allow him to thrive under emergency conditions. At the biostation he is responsible for blood draws, nutrient IVs and nutrient injections, and his level of experience and laid back, friendly approach instantly puts patients at ease.

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