Why Preventive Care Blood Testing Is Important

Ask any medical professional about a long term health strategy and they’ll tell you a little proactive behavior can go a long way. Sure, no one truly enjoys going to the doctor, but as an adult, you alone are responsible for your well-being—and that includes getting an annual checkup to include blood work. Think about it this way—you’ll worry less and have the upper hand on early detection of numerous diseases. Here are some lesser-known reasons why preventive care blood testing is important.

Those Pesky Hormones

It’s easy to look at external factors such as bills, work, or the kids when you can’t sleep or notice a change in your sex drive; however, several symptoms (often attributed to stress) are actually indicative of a hormone imbalance. Professional clinics like the biostation offer several types of blood panels to check a myriad of hormones such as testosterone, cortisol, and insulin. Not only will such tests determine the root cause of your unpleasant physical and mental symptoms, they may reveal underlying medical issues like diabetes. The old saying “knowledge is power” is perhaps most relevant in the context of one’s own body. Once you understand the science behind the human body and its functioning systems, you can seek out the tools and resources to take better control of your health. Hormone replacement therapy (hrt) may be necessary despite what you’ve grown to believe regarding diet and exercise as a cure-all. With a definitive answer to common ailments, it’s easier to understand why preventative care blood testing is important and, more urgently, why the restoration of hormone balance is essential to living a full, productive life. Menopause and hair loss may be an inevitable part of aging, but if your blood work shows a discrepancy hormonally, natural hormone replacement therapy just might be as close as you can get to defying the absolute.

For Getting Physical

When you’ve committed to a lifestyle of diet and exercise yet still feel like weight loss or physical endurance remains beyond your control, it may be time to take the initiative and have an all-inclusive blood panel done at the biostation. Beyond the standard cancer-risk assessments and disease triggers that remind us why preventive care blood testing is important, Dr. Bloom performs growth hormone tests to analyze the current state of your metabolism. With this knowledge, you can modify your diet and other controllable factors to align with your ultimate goals—whether they are to have increased energy, muscle mass, or fat loss. Furthermore, you and your doctor can create a tailored medical plan that pinpoints what your body is lacking chemically. At the biostation, this process begins with a custom bioID analysis and goes on to provide solutions based on its unique results. Especially for active adults who enjoy performance sports, blood work is critical to understanding the individual’s physical capacity.

Armed with the knowledge of why preventive care blood testing is important, you may be feeling obligated to have it done on an annual basis. Good! Think of it as a form of personal insurance. Much like the kind you have for your car, you hope you’ll never need it. However, by the time you find yourself in a wreck, you’ll wish you had protected yourself beforehand.

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