The Top 11 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

If you’re trying to stave off a growing waistline and extra pounds, there may be some hidden culprits impeding your progress. Consider whether these eleven reasons are keeping you from losing weight.


  1. Sweet Drinks

Water is the basic building block of life and too many overweight adults simply aren’t drinking enough of it. Sodas, sports drinks, and juices may tout their benefits, but they cannot replace water. Sweet drinks, even zero calorie drinks, can increase appetite and hinder weight loss.


  1. Big Portions

Most restaurant entrees are easily big enough for two, if not three, people. Eating a full restaurant entree, even once a week, can pack on an additional 750 calories, potentially leading to more than 10 pounds of weight gain a year. Ask for a doggy bag for your meal to eat the rest later or split the entrée with someone else.


  1. Malnutrition

Most people don’t make the connection between weight loss and malnutrition but often, those who are overweight are eating the wrong foods. Instead of getting necessary nutrients, they’re filling up on fats and sugars. Eating a diet balanced in vitamins and nutrients is essential to losing weight.


  1. Low Energy

A healthy lifestyle requires fitness, but finding the energy for it can sometimes be difficult. If you’re struggling with finding the energy to visit the gym and lose weight, addressing the underlying issues of your low energy is essential. Diagnostic blood work could be the answer to finding what is the cause.


  1. Amino Acid Deficiency

Amino acid deficiency can slow your metabolism and reduce weight loss effectiveness. Amino

acid therapy can rebalance your amino acid levels and allow for optimal energy and weight loss.


  1. High Stress Levels

Just like having low amounts of energy can inhibit weight loss, so can chronic stress. Embracing a calm and stress-free lifestyle reduces stress eating and aids in weight loss.


  1. Everyday Toxins

The amount of chemicals in everyday items can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. Many of these chemicals make weight loss difficult and can contribute to morbidity. Detoxifying is essential to regaining normal control over your body and embracing a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Late Night Snacking

While snacking can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, for most people, late night snacking is one of the ways they’re sabotaging their weight loss goals. Reaching for that bowl of ice cream or bag of chips after dark packs on the pounds. Once dinner is over, shut down the kitchen.


  1. Soreness

If you’ve tried to incorporate physical activity into your weight loss regimen, body aches and soreness could be holding you back. Addressing the underlying cause of aches and pains through amino acid or nutrient injection therapy can help get you back in the gym.


  1. Hormones

For many men and women, hormone imbalance can contribute to their weight gain. Rebalancing essential hormones not only increases energy but also promotes healthy weight loss. Checking hormone levels at the biostation can determine whether hormone replacement therapy can help you reach your weight loss goals.


  1. Illness

One of the biggest hang-ups for people trying to lose weight is a lingering illness. Whether that be a cold, a fever, or the flu, getting proper hydration and nutrients can lessen the effects of illness and get you back on track faster.


If you’re trying to start a healthy lifestyle, diet and all, consider first whether these eleven reasons are holding you back as you try to lose weight. If any of these sound familiar or you simply want a risk-free assessment, contact the biostation to discuss your weight loss goals and how our all natural nutrient and amino acid therapy can help you attain them.



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