It’s Never Too Late: William Gary Hawkins Turned His Life (and Health) Around in His 60s

The milestone William Gary Hawkins reached at age 61 didn’t make him proud. His weight had climbed to an all-time high of 238 pounds. At 6 feet, 2 inches tall, Hawkins says his waist expanded to 42½ inches and his coat size to nearly 48.

“I got the point where I couldn’t move. I didn’t have any energy,” Hawkins says. “What really seemed to get me more than anything else was the reflection I saw when I walked by a window. I saw this person and was shocked when I realized it was really me.”

That’s when Hawkins says he started to make a change.

Hawkins’s transformation would bring him full circle. Today, at age 63, he’s at a fighting weight of 189 pounds. Hawkins says he has his life back. He and his wife socialize more. He has energy, and he’s back to working out the way he did when he was decades younger.

“Walking upstairs used to be a pain. Now, it’s so easy. The strength and stamina I have is pretty amazing,” Hawkins says. “What amazed me once the weight started falling off was what was underneath. Once it peels away, you get to see muscles that you haven’t seen for a long time.”

How’d he do it?

Hawkins started his evolution with simple steps and set realistic goals.

The former swimmer, long-distance runner, and gym rat had lost his edge. So, he started walking around a track near his home in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

“I measured the walks and figured out my comfort zone was somewhere around 3.5 miles. I began to appreciate my early morning walk,” he says. “I did exercises around the house: pushups, dips, squats, and a little bit of strength training with barbells.”

Working out again was a challenge, but after a few months, he began to see a difference. There was a little bit of extra space in his pants, Hawkins says.

Getting to the next level

Hawkins was encouraged and committed. He wanted to take his health and wellness to the next step.

A doctor told Hawkins about the biostation™. The doctor said the biostation’s services helped him gain energy and muscle tone. Hawkins did his research consulted with the biostation’s director and cardiologist, Martin G. Bloom, M.D. Based on an extensive diagnostic and cardiovascular evaluation, Hawkins embarked on a biostation program, including amino acid therapy and testosterone replacement.

“I would say I really turned the corner the first of this year. I was down to a 36-inch waist. My wife was seeing the difference. I was putting on a little bit of muscle,” he says. “I would say August of this year, I had dropped down from a heavy of about 238 pounds down to 189.”

Check that one off the bucket list

Hawkins says the Jack Nicholson movie, The Bucket List, hit home when Hawkins was much heavier and lethargic.

“Time’s running out. And one of the things that I put on the top of my bucket list was that I need to take better care of myself—not just for me, but for my wife and my family. That’s the motivation that kept me on track,” Hawkins says.

Hawkins says the biostation provided the missing piece to his total health evolution.

“The testosterone helps me to feel more energized. I feel more committed. My energy level is up. I feel like my endurance is up, thanks to the program that the biostation has to offer,” he says.

He joined a gym in January and says the amino acid program through the biostation helps him recover and feel even more energy for his workouts.

Life is good for the 63-year-old financial planner.

“I feel better. I look better,” he says. “My wife is beautiful. She really takes care of herself, and when people see us together, they says we don’t look our ages. They want to know our secrets. It’s the best time in our life, really.”

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