Menopause Boca Raton Therapy: Lifestyle Changes For Menopause

Making the right adjustments to your lifestyle can help you in minimizing the uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. Along with Menopause Boca Raton therapy, make way for adjustments so you could find relief.

  • Eat more fish – A woman is at a great risk for heart disease after menopause. Most gynecologists recommend a fish-rich diet twice a week for maintaining a healthy heart. Women can also supplement their intake in the form of fish oil.
  • Strengthen the bones – Menopause means low estrogen level and a harder time for the body to absorb calcium. Have proper calcium doses every day by eating more dairy products or taking calcium supplements.
  • Fight bloating –Bloating can be a genuine problem in many women during menopause. Cut down on salt and processed carbohydrates from your diet.


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