Health Effects Of Low Testosterone Levels

If you are low on testosterone, you are at risk of healthy symptoms. But don’t worry because the side effects of having low T levels can be reversed or improved through testosterone therapy. Here are the health risks of having low T:

  • Your sex drive diminishes – Brain areas responsible for sex drive are full of testosterone receptacles. It is only understandable than when a person do not have the normal testosterone levels, they experience a drop in their interest for sexual activities.
  • Your muscles shrink – Testosterone puts the body in a muscle-building state so your body is able to build lean mass. When your testosterone levels drop, your body turns catabolic instead, breaking down muscle tissue instead of building it up
  • Your memory falters – There is a link between trouble with memory and low testosterone. In a 2015 study, men with low T also experienced a drop in scores on tests of their mental function and memory.


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